Friday, December 21, 2012

Blue Christmas

Christmas at the coast is something to behold. You never know what you are going to get. Right now, the temperatures are in the 70's. While, I wish for a white Christmas each year, it always turns out to be a blue Christmas. That's right, every shade of blue: from aqua, blue, teal, turquoise... Birds of a Feather style. We wanted to share a project with you that we just wrapped up. No pun intended. 
 This light filled room is a designer's dream. Check out the BEFORE. It was feeling a little drab with the dated furniture. The client wanted something bright and airy that her family of four could enjoy year round.  
      BEFORE                      AFTER                                                        

The transformation is pretty drastic. We divided the room into two seating areas grounded with two separate area rugs. This makes the room multi-functional but also adds coziness to a very large space. The area at the back of the room, features this...
 Soundside Carpentry made this stunning day bed/swing. It has a twin mattress to sleep extra guests or...

Functions as a reading nook...

 The swing is painted Covington Blue, by Benjamin Moore and has an "oar" shape to the base -- it's a tribute to the family's time spent on Nantucket.

 I love the details and we carried the rope throughout the room as an accent.

The client wanted a wall to display her beach photos of the children. Notice the lacquered Homegoods branch hooks -- I knew those would come in handy one day! 
The other sitting area has a slipcovered sofa, covered in Sunbrella, of course and my favorite score OF ALL TIME. 
 The egg swing is from the owner's childhood. Yep, we found it in the back of the garage while hunting down a hammer. 
 We added a custom cushion, Etsy pillow and now have additional seating (the kids love it -- bonus).

 The Cyrano coffee table from Gabby adds lots of surface area and the round lines mimic the rug.

The console table was a score from a designer sale. Ann tricked out the top and we love the metal base with the metal/wicker baskets. The baskets are perfect for storage or towels for the pool. 
Ode to our readers...

 We pray that you have a holiday filled with health, happiness, laughter and light.

We are taking a fews days off, or breakdown, we might.

May you have a "blue" Christmas filled with holiday cheer
As we get ready for an exciting New Year. 

Whether you are on the coast or somewhere white,
May all your days be merry and (especially) bright. 

In 2013, we are planning a lot...
from a party, more projects and magazine shots. 

Thank you for following us and reading our posts, 
To our readers, we love you, we love you the most!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


A Perfect Gray said...

great space, gals. I especially like the wire floor lamp.

see you next year! donna

tarheel said...

I love it! Where'd you get the blue rug? It's my favorite thing. Merry Christmas!

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