Friday, December 7, 2012

Boys' New Beds!

READ: Hutson stayed up all night sneezing. Must be allergic to either the dirty pallet headboards or mattress. Can you take care of that today?
ME (out loud): Uh, sure. 
ME: (to myself) Crap, mattresses are expensive. Does Read have any idea what this means? Should I just go with it? Clearly, new mattresses should be bigger. Bigger mattresses need bigger headboards. Plus. Pallet is dirty and old. Definitely moldy = sneezing. Bigger mattresses means new 100% cotton bedding, just to be sure. 
10:01: Mattress store. Tried out most comfy mattress available because I might want to sleep there. 
10:05: Bought mattresses, with caveat that must be delivered today.
10:15: Lowes.
Need non-moldy headboards. Cheap. 
$16, pegboard. Cut to fit two full size beds. Did I mentioned I upgraded my babies to full beds?
Simple tape and leftover paint. I didn't even need to measure because the holes did the trick.
I bought tons of hooks for shelves, toys, books...New FULL size beds, of course needed new bedding. Nate Berkus (for Target) to the rescue. Plus it's 100% cotton. Very important.
READ: Whoa. I can't believe you did that TODAY. I didn't really think you would be able to pull that off in one day.
ME (to myself): He knows me better than that.
No more sneezing...
bye bye birdie


Anonymous said...

Wowza! I'm impressed with your decision making and creative talents in putting the room together so quickly. It looks fun and great.

Have a great weekend.


My Interior Life said...

I'm not surprised at all. You're like a magician. I agonize over details forever before pulling the trigger. You're an inspiration of decision-making! Looks amazing, of course!

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