Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String....

Check out the latest edition to my laundry room. I have been wanting a Rex antique paper cutter. A local store had one that "they never used" and I have been telling them for years, when they decide to get rid of it, I'm their girl. They weren't willing to part with it, but I have been searching Ebay and finally got one for a steal! 
 There is just something so old fashioned and simple about it that I love. 
You can put a modern spin on it too...
 With Christmas around the corner, I can ditch my piles of wrapping paper and keep it simple (because I'm so good at that). 
Now, I just need to stock up on some bling for my packages and I'm good to go! 
So... in an attempt to stock on the bling, I came across some metallic croc paper. Swoon. Maybe I'm not cut out (no pun intended) for this craft paper thing. Ann, yeah, she can pull it off, but you had me at metallic croc. 

Shouldn't the gift AND THE WRAPPING fit the personality of the one receiving the gift? Recently, I shopped for a Christmas gift for Amanda Nisbet. Yes, THE Amanda Nisbet. See here. I scored this croc paper at Homegoods and tied it up with a peacock blue satin ribbon. It should show up on her very stylish doorstep this week. 
What about you? Do you have a signature style when wrapping gifts? Will your friends recognize a gift from you under the tree? Do you prefer tricked out craft paper or something fancier? 

These are a few of my favorite things...

credit to: Pinterest, Paper Studio

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