Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't Forget....

Don't Forget...
#1. Be proud of me. Yes, I'm begging for someone to be proud of me for starting and almost finishing (stay tuned til next week) a project at my OWN house. Guess you quickly guessed this is Ann and not Hooper. No, I do not get things done overnight like my dear friend who thinks it up and makes it happen in less then 48 hours. My jumbled ADD brain is more like think it, change it in my head 30 times, go back to my original plan and execute within a year. (give or take...). BUT, my kitchen that you have heard me whine talk about for some time now is almost finished. (cue music: I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, singin' ayo, gotta let-go...) -that's my happy song in my head. Anyhoo... Here's a sneak peak and don't forget to tell me how happy you are for me.
hmmm... that's not the painted buffalo check floor I've had for 5 years! And, didn't my cabinets used to be wood? Stay tuned....
#2.Like us on Facebook for a chance to win... (drawing tomorrow!)
#3. Get yo shop on tomorrow at ... BLUE FRIDAY! 
Visit any of the shops listed Friday or Saturday for 10-15 % off your entire purchase when you mention Birds of a Feather Design!
*PLUS we added PORT CITY SIGNS for 10% off photo plaques and canvas! (Friday only) You can use your photos or reproduce your little Picasso's masterpiece for Grandma! And...Ready by Christmas! 
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Save 10% at Remnant Handmade here. Kin bracelets excluded but still a great gift!

Save 10% at The Frame Outlet (and ready by Christmas!)
1038 South Kerr Avenue

Also, If you see Hoop and I around town stop us and you might just get a little present for yourself!

Merry Thursday!
Bye, bye birdie,

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bluehydrangea said...

So excited for you!! And I can not wait to see more of you kitchen!! Hope the frig is bringing you lots of joy!!

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