Friday, December 28, 2012

Legoland and Laundry

We hope you had a very happy holiday and are taking some time off before 2013 rushes in. We are. Sort of. For the  fans readers who have been asking to see the magazine and it's not out yet in their mailbox or news stand... well, here goes.
Can you believe it? I mean, I am folding laundry. And the towels are WHITE. Talk about great staging. 
In other news...
I have jetted off to Florida. Clearly, I am in a parallel universe. My laundry room is in a magazine so it just sounds better to say "jetted". Ok, by "jetted", I mean, drove 11 hours (should have been 8) in my chicken nugget encrusted mini-van with three kids, a cranky husband and new puppy. 
Yes, Teddy (the puppy) came too. Don't ask me, evidently, I am crazy. 
We are staying in Hansel and Gretel's house. Yes, I picked a vacation rental yet again based on how cute it is on the outside and how well it is decorated on the inside. (To say I'm crazy again sounds redundant) 

I am glad we came to Florida though versus say, New York, because they have the magazine here. (and the house) 
Just last night, at Publix in Daytona, I was recognized in the check out line. Sort of. Flanner threw a temper tantrum while in check out. Totally normal. I mean, when have I not gone through check out when someone didn't melt down. His sister wanted spray candy (whatever in the hell that is) so naturally, I assumed he wanted some too. I turned around to give him the evil eye and he was begging for this. 
I melted. Right there. He told the check out lady through teary eyes that his "mama" was in the magazine and could she please ring it up? This is true. I was so touched, I wanted to buy him every copy and the spray candy (he's no dummy). The lady who was nice and looked like she could be a nice babysitter (according to my nine year old, who asked her to come over to babysit), said: 
"NO WAY! LEMME SEE!". Flanner proudly showed her and I blushed. She said: "Wow, that's you?" I pretended not to hear the question in her voice.
FYI, I don't ask strangers at Publix to babysit because they meet the criteria of my nine year old (no matter how desperate I am).

Back home, Ann is STILL working on her kitchen and has decided to grout the backsplash herself. Coo-Coo. I let Teddy ride the ferris wheel with me today, so I'm a little coo-coo myself. We must have really needed this time off. Hope you are enjoying yours.

Tune in next week for Behind The Scenes (BTS) from the magazine shoot and the BTS from Ann's kitchen reno. I'll spare you BTS at Legoland.

 bye bye birdie...

credit to: Southern Living

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