Monday, January 21, 2013

Bieber or Bust

Big weekend. HUGE.
We took all 3 kids to Greensboro for the JB concert. No. This is not my car. I looked way cooler in my mini-van with three screaming kids rocking it out to the "Believe" album. Wait.
 Is it still called an "album"??
We went on Thursday to catch the snow and met Read there because he was away on business. Translation: I drove 3 kids and puppy in ice snow alone. 
Yes, We are THAT family. We travel to see snow and 3" feels like 6. Teddy was beside himself. The snow was the opening act. I spent two days telling my kids how cool I am. If I was really cool, I'm thinking they wouldn't need convincing. During breakfast, I would do things like the "dougie" dance. 
Say things like: Swag. 
They think I'm a loser. Ok, so maybe I caught just a little of the Bieber fever. My husband would kill me, but he caught it too. If he starts grabbing his crotch more than usual, then I promise, I will never take him to another concert again. I digress. 
Soooo thankful to our friends that hooked us up with AH.MAZ.ING tickets. This was my view. Um, I mean, the kids' view. He looked right at me Graham. I kept saying: Do you realize how cool this is? Seriously, it would be like mommy going to see Michael Jackson in 7th grade. It's epic. 
Graham: Blank stare.
Me: Graham, rock it out!! This WON'T happen again. Dance! you will never be this close to Justin Bieber again. 
Me: I do a little "dougie" and move up closer to the stage. 
Graham: Mortified.
I looked back at Read and the twins. He gave me a thumbs up. Really? A thumbs up? 
Maybe we aren't that cool. Hutson fell asleep.
All's well that ends well. I've still got it. Sunday, I convinced Read that taking all three kids was waaayyy less trouble than me taking his car and the puppy. He fell for it.
Back to work.
Somehow, I forgot to factor in how little you can fit in a sedan.
When I told him I just had to pick up a few things, I think he thought I meant groceries. Oh well. I managed a console and antelope runners (more on that later). Yes, poor Teddy, but he picked that spot.
The console...
It's killer and is going behind my sofa. It's Ron Seff in style and I found it in Greensboro at my friend Melissa Tarleton's "Stuff Vintage". Check her out on Facebook. 
I loved this vintage mirrored side table, but couldn't fit it in the car. I could, however, swing the book.
Afterwards, I HAD to hit HomeGoods. Why is it that the Raleigh HomeGoods is so so much better than ours?
The front is an ivory grasscloth and the sides are lacquer. Hello hardware!!
Check out this Ralph Lauren faux bamboo chest. Not crazy about the finish, but love the lines. Any body need it? I hope you had a great weekend!


Melissa said...

Thanks for the shout-out-- enjoy your console! Hope the sweet smell of Biebs sweat lingers on...

KAR said...

Oh I'm so jealous, it's so hard to get anything like that in Adelaide, and so keep. Kx (the blog a house built)

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