Wednesday, January 30, 2013


When Hooper took her kids to the Bieb's concert and somehow managed a shopping spree ride home by herself all the way from Greensboro she made a few stops along the way. She picked up her new antelope runner, a console as well as this book...

Her book is a 7th, 10th whatever addition but who cares...It's a cool book. Mine however, is a first edition. Oops, did I say mine? Actually it's my Dad's. Over Christmas I spied with my little eye this book sitting on his book shelf. Had I never noticed it before in all its beautiful brown and cream zebra fabric glory? Or was it hidden amongst the 1,000 other cool books he collects. I flew across the room and grabbed it off the shelf proclaiming the book was going to be mine. Did I mention I did this in front of my siblings? Dang it. My Dad was thoroughly amused as my brother quizzed me about the content of the book. Content? Let's talk cover. I stammered and could not recall the first thing about the book. So I simply replied...Everyone covets this book in the design world because the cover is so pretty. Pretty?  Would that be enough to secure my inheritance? My attempt at coming across intelligent so everyone would know how much the book meant to me was lost. Coming off vain won't get me the book. Meanwhile my sister in law googles and finds an $800 first edition on eBay. DRATS... 

I wasn't lying... the book is a decorators dream

Would of helped if I had mentioned the book was about Osa and Martin Johnson's time in Africa. Coolest couple ever! They lived among different tribes taking several trips to Africa documenting their adventures through photography and film. Oh... in the early 1900's. The pictures are phenomenal! Did that come out of my mouth? Of course not.

It adorns coffee tables across America... Kate Spade even made an 'I Married Adventure' zebra handbag. (glad I didn't mention that)

This table scape screams adventure!
Isn't my coffee table begging for it...
Wouldn't it look great in my house AND provide an educational reading experience that would benefit the whole family?

So in conclusion... The book is not in my possession... (yet)... However, I did ask my Mom to rig Christmas next year and have my Dad draw my name. Surely he would want me to have it. I mean after all, I think it's so pretty.... ughhhhhh!!!

How about you, anyone got the book?
Bye, bye birdie, 

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My Interior Life said...

Ha, that's hysterical. I wouldn't have known what was in it either except that it has a pretty cover. I do know what's in it now because I have a copy I got a few years ago off of eBay. Not sure what edition mine is, but I guarantee it's not a 1st edition. How cool that your dad has it - yours (should you get it) will have even more meaning - one day. Surely you'll get it. Right?

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