Monday, January 14, 2013


Saturday night we had our first Birds of a Feather bring the blog to life party! 
We can not wait to show you our real pictures! (which means Hooper and I did not take them).  But,  for now here are a few 'before all our peeps arrived photos!' Before you go any further please know... we are exhausted. DO NOT JUDGE my grammar, spelling, or have any expectations beyond average pics. Thanks! Enjoy!

This is how it all went down... We brought furniture, accessories, art etc... from our 2 homes to style this big ol' empty house. We also brought in things from our sponsors stores: Maran Home, Home Goods & World Market. We each styled a room individually then did the other areas together. The goal was to showcase our very different styles and to showcase our work when we mix our styles!

Hooper's Space: The Foyer
Hooper mixed insanely great fabrics and layered on color, texture and pattern. The result is a glam space topped off with a bit of whimsy! 
The silk wallpaper was existing (swoon) and added to the beautiful final product!

 Opposite the seating area was a spot for a console. Hooper used my junk shop find -a light pink , Miami Vice console as an entry piece. The mirror above was junk shop find of her own and the 2 pieces together cost about $110. (good junk shop finds!) lacquer, ghost (bet you didn't see the chair to the left!), and a stunning arrangement makes this room scream Hooper!

Ann's Space: The Den
My style is a bit more casual and organic. I layered on the art as well as fabrics and patterns. The arc sconce is a FAVE from Maran Home and the chrome gives the room a cool, mod vibe. There is little rhyme or reason to how the art is hung. I wanted it to look like you could keep adding pieces through the years as you find art you love.

We both used hides in our rooms. Hooper' used metallic zebra and I used Bessie (shocker). 

I spy with my little eye patchwork chairs from London. We each own one. Reunited and it feels so good....
My Scrapyard "S" is another example of using what you love! See the stag??? Swoon again! That's a Maran Home borrow and for sale!

Spaces we did together: Dining room
I can't wait to show you a close up of this average chandelier. Wait til you see what's hanging from it that Hooper made. The room is a mix of us. The barn wood table is casual yet chic paired with the ghost and bamboo chairs. The wall art cost $50! Yup- those are metal trays from the dollar tree. Don't bother trying to get any- we bought 50... not sure what's left! 

Spaces we did together: The Main Room
  This room housed food, a bar, and additional spots if you cared to sit... 
 We had to get creative with the lighting so we placed lamp arrangements in 3's around the room. 
 The Bar! Love the 60's Hollywood regency vibe the table, pendant and screen give off! This was a popular spot! 

The GRAND mantle was a complete meshing of ideas and objects... casual yet elegant!

Please come back tomorrow to see the professional pics and details! Thanks for coming and we hope you had as much fun as we did! 

Have a Mod Monday!
Bye, bye birdie,


Laura Sykes said...

Yay! This was so much fun! I loved it!

My Interior Life said...

Okay, I am so behind the times and behind on blog reading. This is amazing! I read your other post where you were preparing, and it really paid off. Can one of you lovely ladies please email the details of how you organized this? Was this an empty house up for sale that you filled up? It's a great idea! I don't have any sponsors, but would love to do something like this in Nashville!


bluehydrangea said...

Hey girls!! Sat night was a blast and everything looked fabulous BUT you should have slapped some big ole price tags on your stuff because everyone wanted to buy it all!!! And Hooper I wouldn't be surprised if you sold your grandmother's fab house, it looked amazing!!

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