Monday, January 28, 2013

Who knew about this?!?!

Shades of light is a go to source for us for lighting .. We love how they have a little bit of everything and yet stay so current. So the other day (not sure how long it's been since I've been to the site) I came across this:
What?!?! cool lighting for under $100... you mean I just painted my kitchen fixture myself (3 coats, 2 days) when I could have ordered this for $69 IN TEAL!
or this for $99... ALSO COMES IN TEAL!!!!

I know, I know...there is a sense of accomplishment that I got one more DIY project under my belt but SERIOUSLY at some point my sanity has a price. I'm thinking I'll be all over these next time for $99 and under. Oh! And this one!
Did I mention they all come in an array of colors. Eggplant, lime, sunshine, gold, pink, teal, gray....blah, blah, blah...
So I had to stalk these YOUNG HOUSE LOVE self proclaimed DIY husband/ wife team bloggers. Could they really be as cool as these fixtures?

While cruising their blog, I came across their house filled with affordable, clever, DIY design. soooo...yup, they are as cool as their light fixtures. 
I am diggin the 70's barrel table with the patio chairs (a target clearance find)
THOSE GREEN CHAIRS?!...From a thrift store. I really need Goodwill to step it up and get those bad boys. They blog in this office and design cool lights, and  write their book, etc...I think I could accomplish lots if I had a space like this! (er, um, maybe...let's be realistic though, for me it's just more horizontal surface to stack laundry on...sigh...)

This is their living room. I love one big sectional that the whole family can flop on for hanging out time! Also noticing and liking the beams painted charcoal.
This is the perfect master retreat for a young fam. I spy with my little eye something from IKEA. Another great affordable lighting option!

See more of these cool peeps house here.

What about you, did you know about YHL's new lighting collection? Do you love it? Don't forget to leave a comment or like us on FB for a chance to win  Amanda Nesbit's new design book.

Happy Monday!
Bye, bye birdie,
credit to: Young House Love , & Shades of Light


My Interior Life said...

I had heard about their collaboration but had not really been out there to look. Great options. And aren't they super cute (and smart for all their marketing plans)?

Kelly Laurine said...

I love both rugs they used.

Adi Edlen said...

I love your use of color (especially in those built-ins!)

gorgeous design!

furniture online said...

all lamps are looking very nice good thinking. How you made them ?

Laura Sykes said...

The lighting is so cool! Awesome bedroom & living room!

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Ann and Hooper- They renovated a ranch, then turned around and bought another one. Boundless energy! I like the lighting. A lot!


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