Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winners and Fo sale fo sho!

DRUMROLL..... Our BOF par-tay raffle winners are...

Nikki Hawthorne- $50 HG gift card
Lindsay Suggs- $50 HG gift card
Carol Lewis- Exclusive for BOF scarf by Margaret Turner Designs
Jennifer Ring- Design board by Ann & Hooper

The par-tay was a success EXCEPT we were not expecting y'all to want to buy our stuff!... So we compiled some of the items you asked about and decided to sell! (We also added a few things you didn't see but might of loved if you had!) Consider this an online barn sale!
Email us if you see something you want!

Vintage Sailboat (oil on canvas). Framed in barn wood. 22x18 
framed. $125 SOLD
Crystal Lamp. $150 (Hooper is willing to part ways...)
These AMAZING sconces are available at Maran Home! There are 2 and they are $240 each. Wouldn't they be amazing as bedside lamps?!?! ...I want them...BAD!

2 of THESE!!! Emerald green (color of the year) vintage lamps. 2 for $130.
Zebra bench. $150. This is a great size for an ottoman or under a window.
Great vintage cloisonne lacquered lamp with FUNKY shade. $75.

2 of THESE!!! Great for a sun porch... 2 for $30
(and it's not doubled up like that- weird shadow)

I am soooo sorry BUT the pink console (the 80's called and they want their table back- you know the one) is NFS though I could have sold it for mucho dinero the night of the party. Y'all wanted that thing! And the glass coffee table is NFS as of now... I might consider if I can find a good replacement. (I really love it) It's the only glam thing in my old farmhouse and I kind of like it. Hooper might be rubbing off on me!

Congrats Winners!
Bye, bye birdie,


Lindsey Suggs said...

YAY! Thanks, y'all!!! I am so excited! Considering that this morning I have already spent $200 on my car and about $400+ on a bathroom repair, this gift card is GREAT news! Thank you thank you. And if Hooper ever wants to sell some lucite chairs, let me know...just need to recover from today's major expenditures first.

Unknown said...

Yeah Lindsey! I am so bummed I didn't get to meet you the other night! What a whirlwind! We can help you find lucite chairs when you are ready! Yes, neither one of us will part with ours! Love them!
Sorry bout your car! ughhhh!..-Ann

Bailey Anthony said...

Is the crystal lamb still available?

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