Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feeling a little BoHo...

To say my house is eclectic is an understatement.  You all know my passion for art. I can't seem to say no if a painting or piece of art is calling out to me. And believe me, they do, but that's another story for another day (and a professional with an hour or so to spare).
 Anyhoo, I just keep adding to my walls.
That's one way to achieve that eclectic/ bohemian vibe. I was recently talking to a friend that said she needed a little "boho"  in her space. She has a beautiful home with great rugs, colors, and furniture and it is truly lacking nothing as is, but I get it. We all like those few things that are unexpected, exotic or tell a story even if no one else gets it.  A bohemian vibe...
John Robshaw is a favorite designer of mine. He definitely does bohemian, exotic, eclectic well. (Helps that he travels the globe!) This is his apartment:
 Floor to ceiling art! Hello!!! Looks like he just adds a new nail and a piece of art also!  Hmmm... patchwork chair? Speaking my language!
Holy Blue Batman! I am liking... Are you?

I have my own eclectic thing going in my own house... (you say clutter, I say eclectic)

(sorry about the pic...IPhone, rain...)

BUT... I spy with my little eye... My new Kantha throw that I got at HomeGoods for $40. SCORE!

One of these bad boys tossed over the back of a sofa or chair is a great way to mix it up.
 Check out Etsy for one if HG is out!! There's lots of things out there to boho your space!
I love these Ikea pillows and for the price?!?! You can't afford NOT to own them!
Also remember One Kings Lane and Joss & Main for unique finds!
 Bone frames usually do the trick and the bench could go glam or Glob trotter! (Someone get this bench, it's on OKL today!)

Emily Henderson (Em) is another designer that does this look well...

The sofa??? The ikat on the chair?? ...sigh...

And some art you must own...I'm finally sharing...
(add another nail for this!)

I have about 3 of this guys pieces off of Ebay. I love the saturated color and abstract images. See him here. Check him out while he is still affordable!

How about you... Need a little boho in your life? Need to mix in a little eclectic? What's your favorite "out there" piece? Do tell...

Happy rainy Tuesday,
Bye, bye birdie,

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Father of the Year

I feel like the monkey from Outbreak. Read has packed up all of the kids and taken them to see his parents (OUT OF TOWN) to avoid the flu. While it seems a little extreme, I did not argue. Not. One. Bit. I am considering giving him the Father of the Year Award (based on what time they come home tomorrow).
\I am still laid up in bed and think I have died and gone to heaven. I have watched hours of HGTV, napped and surfed Pinterest until it was time for another nap. Seriously, what is better than this? The repairs are almost done on the exterior of our house and I have to come up with a paint color. Why is it that I could tell a client what color to use in a second, but have been agonizing over this for months? 
Top color is out, middle color is too purple in the light. I have narrowed it down to the bottom two. Dark gray or keep it the pale pink that it is? Darken the pink a little. OK, that's three choices. Help! What should I do? I want to leave the door Covington Blue. 
If I keep it pale pink, I would paint the porch ceilings a pale version of Covington Blue. If I paint it dark gray, I was thinking about painting the porch ceilings either pale aqua or pale shell pink. Help! What to do? Waiting for the flu to go away is like watching paint dry. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I know I am.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We are Homeowners!

Today is milestone for our family. I don't often divulge too many personal things on the blog but this is a big deal for us and I am so deeply thankful that I wanted to share. 
Six years ago, my husband closed his building business to a failing economy. We had to sell our house and felt displaced for quite some time. 
One day, I was searching the internet for rentals and I found the perfect spot. It had been on the market for 2 years and the second I saw it, I knew. I told Read: "I found our home". He said, like every rational husband would: 
"That's great, but it's not for rent." Like that's a big deal. I called the realtor immediately (Read thought I  was jumping ahead...). She showed it to us and the moment I walked in, I just knew. It needed some work and it was a little dated, but I could see past that. It was love at first sight. The realtor asked us if we wanted to see the upstairs. I said: "No need, it's perfect." 
(Read, at this point is thinking I am wayyy off my rocker). 

Some how, our gracious (soon to be Landlord) agreed to let us rent with an option to buy it. She has been amazing. She let me paint, gut the bathroom (when it sprang a leak), put in new light fixtures... little by little, we made this house our home. Even though we were "just renters", it has never felt like that to me. It has been four wonderful years of growth, faith and hoping that one day, we would buy the house we have loved for the last four years. 
Remember the bathroom leak?

You can read more about the leak and see the before pictures here.
Remember my kitchen that felt like I worked at Checkers?
 See it here.
And of course, the laundry room floor, which I am sparing you because I am sure you are over it. It has all been a labor of love.

I love everything about this house. The quirks, the rotted wood siding we are about to have to replace. I love that we have lived in a pink house. We are going to have to paint the exterior once the wood is repaired. Help! What to do? Should I keep it pink?
 This morning, we became homeowners again! We are so thankful for God's provision (always)  but over the last six years, we have been so aware of His plan for us, our career paths and where we would eventually land. To each and every client, you have played a part in that which is why I wanted to share our story with you. 

I hope your day is filled with joy.

Bye bye birdie,

Monday, February 18, 2013

yeh mon... I'm back...

Now I remember why Jeff and I don't travel much... Re-entry stinks. This time last week I was basking under the Jamaican sun with not a care in the world... sigh...
This morning I have a child already plotting to stay home from school (she doesn't feel well..cough, cough...) and at MINIMUM 5 loads of laundry to fold  in my laundry processing center. (a.k.a. dining room table). It was a good run while it lasted. Don't get me wrong I missed my kids terribly and though vacation Jeff is loads of fun it is nice to be back home... I guess...
I wish I could be in Jamaica with my kids. Maybe we are doing it all wrong here... I mean seriously, You can get a 5 bedroom house with a fenced in backyard (barbwire) and amazing views (through the bars) in a gated community (has to be) for $500,000.
Jeff could sell bananas and rum by the road and I can make a mean bracelet and learn to braid. Goodbye corporate America, hello turquoise waters!
Maybe Ralph (Lauren) would sell us his house...

Stunning, isn't it? Not sure this is in our price range but a girl can dream...

How about you, anyone in? Up for an adventure? Roadside stand in Jamaica?

Bye, bye birdie mon,


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentines day and all things sweet, pink, lovable, romantic... the list goes on. 
I bought Graham a singing Hallmark card. I was in a rush when I grabbed it. It said something about being beautiful and loving the recipient a lot. By "a lot",  I mean "A LOT". I quickly opened it up and saw some cute lady bugs. Perfect, I think. Perfect for a nine year old little girl. She loves ladybugs.
Evidently, these lady bugs love each other. 
You open the card and KC and the Sunshine band belt out 
"That's The Way (uh huh) I like it".
Still cute. I think. Last night at midnight while I am putting the finishing touches on their Valentines, I go to sign her cute singing card. 
The ladybugs "dance" on top of each other. Great. Read made me give it to her anyway because the boys were getting appropriate singing cards and she might feel left out. She thought it was the cutest card ever and wanted to take it to school to show off the dancing lady bugs. Uh oh. I stole it out of her backpack and am sad to say that is has now gone missing. 
In other Valentines Day news... This rug is arriving today for a client and I can hardly wait. 
She loves blue and so I'm hoping she will flip over the plan for the room. I plan on pulling out the color of the day... 
Pink (or dare I say fuschia)! 

I'll keep you posted on the plan -- keeping my fingers crossed this rug is the jumping off point! 
In other design news. My dear client is moving back into the house that I wrecked. Can't wait to show you the outcome. Bug  Big things going on over here...
But the most important thing is ....drumroll....
Ann's Valentines baby is 10... Happy Birthday Lindley!!!! (Birthdays are so much better then Valentines!) 
Happy Valentines, We Heart you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Renovation Sneak Peak

Normally, I don't do this. I am all about working with what you have. Sometimes however, what you have is not worth working with. Scary, I know. Even if you get creative. This unsuspecting client called me in for a master bath makeover. I told her (in my sweetest) honest voice: It's not worth it. 

The bathroom was choppy, the shower was tiny, the tile was disgusting, and there was a bidet. It was not pretty. Changing the wallpaper and updating the backsplash can only do so much in a very dated bathroom. I was afraid that when it was finished, she still wouldn't like the look or function of her master bath. 
One thing lead to another and before we were done, the bathroom was gutted, the kitchen was gutted and two other bathrooms were down to the studs. I make it sound so easy, but there was a great deal of deliberation, tons of estimates, second estimate, third estimate... and when it was all said and done, this family had to move out to achieve the look they had always dreamed of. Sounds pretty painful. 

Happy days are here again because moving day is tomorrow!!! Hopefully, the pain of renovating will be forgotten when they see the end result. I wanted to give you a sneak peak before we put all of the furnishings into their brand new home.
Here is a sneak peak of the master. It is a recycled glass sconce and killer tile... can't wait to show you the rest! 
 A dated wood/brass ceiling fan got replaced with this Arteriors glass bottle chandelier. It's beautiful in their two story living room.
 These dining chairs are going in the (very) updated dining room below. These are Gabby and aren't the gorgeous?
 Check out their new dining room! It is awaiting a very long limed oak dining table. 

You can see (from the kitchen), the old version of the dining room. It's so bright now and we sanded off the faux finish for clean, smooth Elmira White and a Hollingsworth Green ceiling (both Ben Moore colors). Just wait until you see the kitchen. You will FLIP. 

Stay tuned for the install pics and the finished product! 
bye bye birdie...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Go to your Happy Place

While Ann is sunning it up in Montego Bay for several days, I'm here at home stuck in this.
Yes, Teddy wrote that. For some reason, Prince Puppy cannot poop outside when it rains, but has no trouble doing it inside. It's been pouring for hours. Why is it that all rainy images online look so glamourous. Take the one above for instance (minus the caption). She's running in a wet (yet flowy) dress and an umbrella. Who actually uses an umbrella? Or rain boots for that matter. I walked around all day today in the rain with my clothes stuck to me and hair matted to my head. It's cute. I got to visit clients looking like a wet dog. Oh yeah, my dog isn't wet because he won't go outside. 
Ahhhh. I'll go to my happy place. It's warm here and breezy. Nothing but the sound of rustling palm trees. Bet this is where Ann is. You may be up North where they are expecting blizzards. Go to your happy place. Perhaps it isn't a place. Maybe it's a bargain. For example, I would be very happy had I been the one to score this at last weekend's estate sale. 
 I had the perfect client in mind for this brass dining table and Chinoiserie chairs. 
Dear dealer who purchased this lot: I know you think this may be a great find. I'm sure it's not all it's cracked up to be. I mean it looks like there is a chip in the chair. Surely, you would like to sell it. If are you reading this, email me, I might want to take it off of your hands. Maybe. You might want to pay me to take it off of your hands. Because it's chipped. 
Not. That. Great. Clearly.
In other news, this makes me so very happy. The twins had their 100 day of school this week and dressed up as 100 year old men. 
They grow up so fast. What did you do this weekend? Were you sunning it up somewhere fab? Treasure hunting at estate sales? In this dreary weather, I plan to cozy up on the sofa with two old men. 
Happy weekend. Go to your happy place!
bye bye birdie...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Vacay Mon...

By the time you read this I will be in JAMAICA!!! Yes, I am furiously packing because Jeff and I have a 7 a.m. flight. By 12:30 I will be basking in the sun, and holding a drink with an umbrella in it. (Not really, I'm not much of a fru- fru drink girl, but you get the idea... I won't be here! )  
I am not trying to brag (Is that rain I hear?) but I am REALLY excited. For one, Jeff and I  do not go anywhere. In fact once a year we pack up the whole fam and drive 15 minutes for a weeks vacation at Wrightsville Beach. (woop, woop!)
So how are we getting away AND not bringing the kids you ask? ...Company trip baby! Which brings me to the funny part. We are going to Secrets in Montego Bay. There, I said it (actually I whispered it in an obnoxious naughty voice) but that's the name of the resort. Anyone else have a heart shaped jacuzzi in the room image?  I'm no marketing genius but "Secrets"? Really? Is that the most cheese ball name you have ever heard? 
Those that have gone before me said the resort is great. I'm just thinking they might want to change the name. Maybe there is a suggestion box. Anyhoo, that's just a detail. I have no doubt in my mind we will have a great time.

I can practically taste the salt in the air...

I am sure this is the room we have reserved...
So, enjoy your weekend, and the next time you hear from me I will be tan and relaxed...
Happy Friday Mon,
Bye bye birdie,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Movin' on up!

A friend/client asked me to create a new room for her little girl because a little brother is on the way. They wanted to move her to a new room. To make the transition (of a new room and a baby brother) a little easier, we totally tricked it out. She wanted something fresh, current and something that could grow with her four year old. Because part of this little girl's heritage comes from India, we thought she needed a room that would reflect her family's culture as well as her four year old sense of style. And yes, she has one. 
Our favorite part was working with this precious little "client" who had a lot of opinions of her own. For example and I quote:  
"I would prefer purple lamps but I like pink". So with all that in mind.. 
 She got the purple lamps and a custom mural by Ann, a dressing area, a reading nook and a vibrant sari inspired retreat.
 Check it out! 

 How beautiful are these knobs from Hobby Lobby? Pretty great on their existing clean-lined dresser. 
 The paper star lantern is the perfect amount of light over the day bed. 
 We added a little sitting area for a tea party...
 And a pretty trunk for books and a cozy throw. 
 Tons of fun storage accent the dress-up area...
 Did I mention all windows are equipped with black out, custom Roman shades? Perfect for sleeping late (fingers crossed).
 We added a little bling to the ceiling by replacing the dark wood ceiling fan with this glass drop chandelier from Lowes. 
 ... and carried the bling over to the vanity table with a mirror from HomeGoods and a giant perfume bottle. How glam! 

We layered the day bed with tons of pillows. Did I mention the daybed has a trundle for sleepovers?
She seemed pretty excited when she came home to discover her extreme bedroom make over. We could almost hear the squeals from our own homes! From baby to little girl... Making room for baby brother isn't so tough after all.
bye bye birdie... 
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