Saturday, February 23, 2013

Father of the Year

I feel like the monkey from Outbreak. Read has packed up all of the kids and taken them to see his parents (OUT OF TOWN) to avoid the flu. While it seems a little extreme, I did not argue. Not. One. Bit. I am considering giving him the Father of the Year Award (based on what time they come home tomorrow).
\I am still laid up in bed and think I have died and gone to heaven. I have watched hours of HGTV, napped and surfed Pinterest until it was time for another nap. Seriously, what is better than this? The repairs are almost done on the exterior of our house and I have to come up with a paint color. Why is it that I could tell a client what color to use in a second, but have been agonizing over this for months? 
Top color is out, middle color is too purple in the light. I have narrowed it down to the bottom two. Dark gray or keep it the pale pink that it is? Darken the pink a little. OK, that's three choices. Help! What should I do? I want to leave the door Covington Blue. 
If I keep it pale pink, I would paint the porch ceilings a pale version of Covington Blue. If I paint it dark gray, I was thinking about painting the porch ceilings either pale aqua or pale shell pink. Help! What to do? Waiting for the flu to go away is like watching paint dry. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I know I am.

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