Monday, February 11, 2013

Go to your Happy Place

While Ann is sunning it up in Montego Bay for several days, I'm here at home stuck in this.
Yes, Teddy wrote that. For some reason, Prince Puppy cannot poop outside when it rains, but has no trouble doing it inside. It's been pouring for hours. Why is it that all rainy images online look so glamourous. Take the one above for instance (minus the caption). She's running in a wet (yet flowy) dress and an umbrella. Who actually uses an umbrella? Or rain boots for that matter. I walked around all day today in the rain with my clothes stuck to me and hair matted to my head. It's cute. I got to visit clients looking like a wet dog. Oh yeah, my dog isn't wet because he won't go outside. 
Ahhhh. I'll go to my happy place. It's warm here and breezy. Nothing but the sound of rustling palm trees. Bet this is where Ann is. You may be up North where they are expecting blizzards. Go to your happy place. Perhaps it isn't a place. Maybe it's a bargain. For example, I would be very happy had I been the one to score this at last weekend's estate sale. 
 I had the perfect client in mind for this brass dining table and Chinoiserie chairs. 
Dear dealer who purchased this lot: I know you think this may be a great find. I'm sure it's not all it's cracked up to be. I mean it looks like there is a chip in the chair. Surely, you would like to sell it. If are you reading this, email me, I might want to take it off of your hands. Maybe. You might want to pay me to take it off of your hands. Because it's chipped. 
Not. That. Great. Clearly.
In other news, this makes me so very happy. The twins had their 100 day of school this week and dressed up as 100 year old men. 
They grow up so fast. What did you do this weekend? Were you sunning it up somewhere fab? Treasure hunting at estate sales? In this dreary weather, I plan to cozy up on the sofa with two old men. 
Happy weekend. Go to your happy place!
bye bye birdie...


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Oh, I hope the brass table and chinois chairs make their way to you. We had a busy weekend - in a good way but I thought weekends were for relaxing?

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Hooper- We got the snow - about 8 inches, and I took my kids to see my friend's horse. The kids rode the horse in the field - while my friend and I led said horse on two leads through the open fields tromping in this deep snow. A fine workout and the horse was secretly telling me: " you know how I feel!" My happy place is a field with no snow next time!

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Laura S said...

I love teddy, and your boys are the cutest old men I have ever seen! Hilarious post! It made my morning!

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