Friday, February 1, 2013

Rough Week and a Winner

Do you ever have one of those days? How about one of those weeks? This week was one of THOSE. For one, I look a little like this, oh and I broke out in hives. On my face. Cute.
Amidst the kid stresses, work stresses and every day stresses, I had my dear friends and family to point out just how well I am handling it all. Which brings me to "code words". These are phrases said to us by our loved ones in a loving manner that really mean something else. 
One of my favorite teachers at the school put her arm around me and said:
"You have your hands full. You could use a spa day".
Translation: You look terrible and are doing an awful job of handling your life. You need help.

Husband code:
"We need a nanny".
Translation: You are incompetent. Don't get me wrong... I love a nanny just not the suggestion of one when I'm feeling like mother of the year.

Ann had a friend say to her just yesterday:
"You look great for having four kids!"
Translation: I can't even translate that.

"Mom, please only give me knuckles at school"
Translation: Hugging, kissing and calling me "baby" while at school is embarrassing. 
Note: He's 6. Not 16.

Please note that I am thankful my problems aren't actually that big and important in the scheme of things. I had a sick friend remind me today of what really matters and am thankful that my problems are simple. Too much laundry, a dog that poops only on my brown Oriental rug (I thought they were color blind), screaming kids, a busy job and a husband that "just wants to help". Just had to vent. 

There were a few highlights of the week...
 I have been helping a client on her dining room for the last several months. We had to do it in stages because the custom rug took awhile. Her one caveat was that we use her dining furniture that had been handed down in her husband's family. She wanted to update everything and brighten it up. 
Nothing like a Kate Spade wall color to do just that. Plus, this was painted before Pantone announced their color of the year, so that's good. I'm psychic. We did drapes in a cobalt Greek Key fabric which looks pretty with the green.
  I found this mirror at Big South Auction and love it. Her china is displayed throughout the room. The monkey was a HomeGoods find. 
 I went over this week to add fun accessories and love this organic silver bowl filled with succulents and an orchid. I like the mix of old and new throughout the room. Speaking of new... someone is getting the brand new book by Amanda Nisbet. Thank you to all of the participants! We always love getting your comments.
And the lucky winner is... 

Julia Ryan from Pawley's Island Posh! Check out her blog - we love it. 

Code: TGIF
Translation: Thank God it's Friday. 

Bye, bye birdie,


Julia Ryan said...

Well I'm going to be selfish and say how excited I am about winning this! WHOO-HOOO!!! But, I'm sorry to hear you've been having a tough time of it lately. I'm pretty sure we're all ready for spring. And love that light fixture over the dining table. Love a lot!

Adventures of the Bumms said...

That dining room is amazing. I used the same color on my ceiling (I think I sent you a picture of it a while back) - still in LOVE. Finishing up my dining room in the next few months and hoping it looks this good in the end. Awesome job.
I had the same feeling last week on the parenting front - I kept saying to myself: just keep swimming. I blame a full moon - was it?

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