Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ombre and Easter....

Maybe I'm a little late but I am getting into this ombre thing....
Ombre hair??? We used to call that roots but ombre sounds good and I have been rocking this look for years! Hair appointments slip on the priority list when there are 4  kids around.
Hooper used this ombre lamp at a clients house. And the bonus... it's from Target!
BUT... I am really loving these ombre eggs. Hmm... I usually leave the egg dying up to grandparents. I know my strengths (my kitchen, dye, my kids, boiling eggs... yeah... no) However, I might have to try my hand at these. I love the look.

 Or maybe I'll save it for next year. I'll keep ya posted!
We hope you have a wonderful holiday with the ones you love...
Hoppy Easter.
Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break?

It's Spring Break here. Yep, it's 40 degrees in the sun and we are spending our break indoors at the Great Wolf water park. It reminds me of a cross between Vegas and the hospital. How you ask? You never know if it is day or night because there are no windows and it is a cesspool of germs. Jealous, I know. In an effort to spread a little Spring cheer, I wanted to show you just how this virtual room came to life. Remember the plan? See here.


If it's Spring Break for you, I hope you are somewhere warm. If you are not on vacay -- do enjoy your Wednesday.
bye bye birdie... -H

Monday, March 25, 2013

If wall's could talk......

2013 started out a little rough for me. You see New Years Eve we got a phone call that we  needed to come to my Grandmother's side. We all jumped in our cars and headed to New Bern. I got to spend a few precious hours with my sweet Gommy. New Year's Day my Gommy, Elizabeth Taylor Hodges, passed away.

My Uncle had this photograph taken by his friend and photographer Lance Richardson in 2004. It was at Easter. As the holiday approaches how fitting that my Uncle would send me my own copy this week. I have lots of photographs of my Gommy but none so telling as this one. she was loving and beautiful and enjoyed her friends and family so much. I see all that captured here.
Another favorite is the one below of her in her early twenties. She was at Greensboro Women's college studying music. She went on to become a music teacher in New Bern, the town she was born in.

I love the fact that in the late 1930's when most women were not, she attended college. She was smart, strong and only got sassier with age. Her laugh was infectious and something I truly miss.
I am telling you all this and sharing her photos because I have pictures of her all over my house. She was a huge part of my life. This wall below got a lot of attention on our FB page. Everyone loved the way this client's loved ones and treasures were displayed.
In fact, we get a lot of questions about Gallery walls. This is a room Hooper is working on for a friend of ours and I promise we will show you more when the rest of her furniture gets in. But, I ran over the other day to put up her gallery wall. I have one in my house and Hooper has one in hers. The walls I love the most are not the walls filled with perfectly spaced photos all in matching frames. I love the walls filled with different frames, art and even sculptural elements. I think they should ramble... like you got something you love so you grabbed your hammer and threw it up there. My Gommy is being added to my own wall as soon as she is framed. She will join my children, her mother, her husband, our parents, Jeff's Grandfather, and some favorite art.
Do you have your own treasures that need some attention? Want your treasures to tell a story?  Need a gallery wall? Let us know... we happen to love doing them....-Ann

Bye, bye birdie,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Window Dressing....

I think I have told you before that our church is in an old furniture building. Which means... we have a storefront window. Which also means on various occasions I am asked to help decorate it.  Remember the tastefully tacky Christmas window here.
Well... Saturday night we are hosting our first ever "Chick Night" with Lisa Bevere.  I was asked to be on the design team. The irony was not lost on me... you see I'm not real girlie. Don't get me wrong the perfect purse and shoes are my pursuit as well- they are just gonna be Frye's and  Lucky's (not Tori's and Kate's). Our mission was to portray girlie without being over the top. Ah ha maybe I was the woman for the job....
We decided to create mannequins in the window dressed to impress in burlap. (That's not girlie!)We added fuchsia and gold tulle for color and more texture. My bag o' scraps from various projects came in handy as well...
 Did you know you can rent mannequins? hmmm... a little creepy but you can and we did. Theses are the Ann Taylor models all broken down. Did you also know 3 bodies mannequins fit in the back of a Honda Pilot? Also... creepy. 
A few cups of coffee, some straight pins and we began designing. There was really no plan (shocker) and each mannequin's dress sort of evolved as we went. There was also no sewing but lots of straigt pins! 
Isn't the tulle around the bottom of the skirt fun? Like a 1990's prom dress...
Here are the "girls" when they were finished. This is before we put them in the back of a pick up covered with a tarp and driven to church.

The necklace is tulle twisted and knotted. Do not be surprised if you see me wearing that with a white t-shirt and jean jacket.
My daughter, Lindley's favorite dress is the one on the left. Personally I think it would be a little itchy but hey anything seems to go these days. How bout you... Would you wear one? which one is your fave?...-A
Happy Weekend!
Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Indoors Out

Spring is here, I think. Today is the first day of Spring. It may not feel like it, but I'm celebrating regardless. It is also Read's birthday. I'm sure he will love his new outdoor room. Happy Birthday Honey!

The new paint job was making my porch furniture look old and tired. Fortunately, the pieces are all in great condition and my cushions needed some help. 
 Since our living room opens up onto the back porch, I wanted the rooms to flow seamlessly. That way, we can open up the sliding doors and feel like both rooms function together. The looks need to be cohesive so I chose a unifying color -- aqua and took it outside. 
 I went with a Sunbrella. Not just an "outdoor fabric" -- actual Sunbrella. It is pricey, but worth every cent. It will hold up to the elements and is bleach-able. You know how I love bleach. Even the cording is Sunbrella which gives this outdoor space an inside feel. 
 By bringing indoor items out -- rugs (make sure it is made for the outdoors), bright trays, statues, candles -- you can really create a cozy outdoor room. 
Teddy loves his new room...
 I had an old WhiteCraft ottoman that I spray painted a glossy gray. I had a removable cushion made to give the space a custom feel and mix up the "set" look that outdoor furniture can take on.

The pattern on the ottoman has a flame stitch vibe and mimics the outdoor rug I found at HomeGoods. 
 Potted plants add color and are the perfect accessory to an outdoor space. 
 These are last year's World Market pillows but I love them. I threw them in the wash and they look like new! 
 I love my resin clam shells. I drilled holes in them for water drainage and replant them every season with everything from bright blooms to succulents. 
I needed some side tables that would hold up to weather. I found these resin clothes hampers at HomeGoods for $39.99. Much cheaper than their furniture counterpart -- over $500 for the "good stuff". These have already lasted 3 years and look just like new. Plus they are great for storage. Remember to place citronella candles about. 
Must use a garden stool for extra seating or more importantly, a drink spot. 

What about you? Spring cleaning leaving you wanting more from your outdoor spaces? Send us your outdoor rooms -- we would love to see what you are doing to create an indoor look outdoors. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Metal Monday

You know we love a field trip.  Last week we were invited by the husband and wife team of  R. Mended Metals to come and visit their metal shop. We are always so inspired by the talents of others. When we got there we were greeted and offered a cup of Joe. It's like they already knew us!
With coffee in hand we began our tour...
 With the husbands marine science background, metal fish seemed like the perfect niche. And they are amazing... Jackson would flip if he came home to a mahi hanging in his room. It's amazing how such a raw, cold material can be used to make something so detailed and beautiful.

The artisans in the shop were busy filling orders...
This little school is in process... The patina is perfect and the fish are so fitting for design in our area.
Hooper and I can't wait to find clients that will love and appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of what these folks are doing!
 We got very excited when we saw the custom pieces  they were working on in the shop. And even more excited when we saw the custom lighting. They told us what we designed, they could build... they had us at what we designed, they could build. You can imagine at this point the wheels began turning and Hooper and I had practically finished a whole lighting line in our heads by the time we left.

As we were looking around the shop I chatted with one of the artisans only to find we went to the same art school. I was so excited to discover we had the same professor for sculpture. (In fact, I caught my sweater on fire in his welding class but that's a story for another day) Anyhoo, I asked him what year he graduated? Dang it... why did I ask? He told me 2008. What? Huh? 10 years after me? (and I took a year off before going) Isn't he too young to operate heavy machinery? That would make me....old. But I look so young in my head? I practically had us graduating together.  I won't ask again... ever.

I pulled it together and we peeked around the shop a bit more. We then sat down with the husband and wife duo (who are so kind and wonderful) to look at pictures of  past
This wall sculpture is pretty and full of movement. It would be a great addition in lots of different spaces. Also fares well in the elements... screen porch anyone?

hello???... Modern, organic, sculptural... We're in love....

 Speaking of sculptural, check out this beautiful piece they designed for a client...

Isn't it cool?  We were honored to be invited over and thrilled at the idea of being able to provide our clients with one of a kind metal art, and.. well.. anything! Thank you R&R for the tour, coffee, chat and opportunity to see your beautiful work and way cool workshop!...-A

Happy Monday...
Bye, bye birdie,

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