Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Boy's New Space

 We just finished up a little boy's nursery. He hasn't arrived yet, but we wanted to give him a space that would take him from baby to big boy. Remember his sister's new room? See it here. We moved her out of the nursery into a big girl space and got to work on transforming the room for the new arrival. 
 We started with bright greens and navy from this Carousel crib bedding. 
 Ann painted a modified chevron pattern on crisp white walls.
 Can you see sweet handmade mobile the family found in Canada when getting ready for baby number 1? It is precious. 
 We kept the reading nook and spruced it up with accessories. 
I'm loving this Eric Carle print from Target. 
            The BEFORE was meant for a little girl so the nursery needed some big changes to be ready for baby. 

Simple changes with paint can make a drastic difference. Didn't Ann do a great job? Happy weekend. Bye bye birdie...

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Lindsey Suggs said...

Love the painted wall! Looks great!

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