Monday, March 11, 2013

Hooper Land

Ann calls it "Hooper Land". In "Hooper Land" nice things happen. In Hooper Land I get lucky and things sometime just fall into place. I don't want to make you jealous because it can be annoying on the outside looking in. Bottom line. It's nice here and I want to stay as long as possible. Today, I had a moment in Hooper Land. I am tearing out my counter tops. More on that later. With my new tops, come a little more counter space and an overhang for bar stools. Just two of them, but barstools are needed. So I start looking. I check thrift shops, Ebay, Overstock, Craig's List, I check One King's Lane and Joss and Main because what I want is very expensive and wayyyy out of my budget. Also, what I want doesn't really exist. Except in "Hooper Land". I wanted some type of Chinoiserie bar stool. Fretwork if you will. One of these babies... but in a "Hooper Land" budget (aka cheap).
These babies cost around $1500 each - more than my tops. Today, on one of my HomeGoods jaunts (looking for some pillows), I came across these. My heart stopped. I was HomeGoods Happy and then some. Counter Height. Check. Two of them. Check. Amazing. Check. OMG. 
Do I paint them? Leave them as is? Ann thinks I should leave them in the wood finish. But she doesn't get my closet preppy personality. Perhaps I should lacquer them aqua or hot pink? Regardless, they are getting new seats. I chose turquoise to tie in my chandelier. More on my new kitchen tops later. I can't wait to show you the make over.
Things are good in "Hooper Land" today. I called Ann to share the good news and she hung up on me because in Ann Land, she has been looking for dining chairs for three years. 
 Happy Monday! 
bye bye birdie...


Emily C. Cutts said...

I LOVE THESE! What a find! Homegoods is my therapy spot!xx

Erin said...

I say paint. Definitely! Fab find.

House Envy said...

Ohhhh, Love these! I say paint them! You could do them a fun color, maybe darker deep shade of the teal on the fabric... Or have them match your cabinet colors to let the fabric pop! Great find!! looking forward to seeing what you do!

Anne McAllister said...

Ummmm....did you really find them today and get them recovered today????

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