Monday, March 25, 2013

If wall's could talk......

2013 started out a little rough for me. You see New Years Eve we got a phone call that we  needed to come to my Grandmother's side. We all jumped in our cars and headed to New Bern. I got to spend a few precious hours with my sweet Gommy. New Year's Day my Gommy, Elizabeth Taylor Hodges, passed away.

My Uncle had this photograph taken by his friend and photographer Lance Richardson in 2004. It was at Easter. As the holiday approaches how fitting that my Uncle would send me my own copy this week. I have lots of photographs of my Gommy but none so telling as this one. she was loving and beautiful and enjoyed her friends and family so much. I see all that captured here.
Another favorite is the one below of her in her early twenties. She was at Greensboro Women's college studying music. She went on to become a music teacher in New Bern, the town she was born in.

I love the fact that in the late 1930's when most women were not, she attended college. She was smart, strong and only got sassier with age. Her laugh was infectious and something I truly miss.
I am telling you all this and sharing her photos because I have pictures of her all over my house. She was a huge part of my life. This wall below got a lot of attention on our FB page. Everyone loved the way this client's loved ones and treasures were displayed.
In fact, we get a lot of questions about Gallery walls. This is a room Hooper is working on for a friend of ours and I promise we will show you more when the rest of her furniture gets in. But, I ran over the other day to put up her gallery wall. I have one in my house and Hooper has one in hers. The walls I love the most are not the walls filled with perfectly spaced photos all in matching frames. I love the walls filled with different frames, art and even sculptural elements. I think they should ramble... like you got something you love so you grabbed your hammer and threw it up there. My Gommy is being added to my own wall as soon as she is framed. She will join my children, her mother, her husband, our parents, Jeff's Grandfather, and some favorite art.
Do you have your own treasures that need some attention? Want your treasures to tell a story?  Need a gallery wall? Let us know... we happen to love doing them....-Ann

Bye, bye birdie,


Wilker-3-sons said...

Beautiful Ann! You look just like your Grandmother! Two beautiful ladies!!! Prayers for your healing heart! Xoxo

House Envy said...

She sounds like a very smart, funny lady! Sorry for your lose:( I love the idea of incorporating special people and memories into your home. It is what makes decorating sacred and a reflection of your personality!!

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