Monday, March 18, 2013

Metal Monday

You know we love a field trip.  Last week we were invited by the husband and wife team of  R. Mended Metals to come and visit their metal shop. We are always so inspired by the talents of others. When we got there we were greeted and offered a cup of Joe. It's like they already knew us!
With coffee in hand we began our tour...
 With the husbands marine science background, metal fish seemed like the perfect niche. And they are amazing... Jackson would flip if he came home to a mahi hanging in his room. It's amazing how such a raw, cold material can be used to make something so detailed and beautiful.

The artisans in the shop were busy filling orders...
This little school is in process... The patina is perfect and the fish are so fitting for design in our area.
Hooper and I can't wait to find clients that will love and appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of what these folks are doing!
 We got very excited when we saw the custom pieces  they were working on in the shop. And even more excited when we saw the custom lighting. They told us what we designed, they could build... they had us at what we designed, they could build. You can imagine at this point the wheels began turning and Hooper and I had practically finished a whole lighting line in our heads by the time we left.

As we were looking around the shop I chatted with one of the artisans only to find we went to the same art school. I was so excited to discover we had the same professor for sculpture. (In fact, I caught my sweater on fire in his welding class but that's a story for another day) Anyhoo, I asked him what year he graduated? Dang it... why did I ask? He told me 2008. What? Huh? 10 years after me? (and I took a year off before going) Isn't he too young to operate heavy machinery? That would make me....old. But I look so young in my head? I practically had us graduating together.  I won't ask again... ever.

I pulled it together and we peeked around the shop a bit more. We then sat down with the husband and wife duo (who are so kind and wonderful) to look at pictures of  past
This wall sculpture is pretty and full of movement. It would be a great addition in lots of different spaces. Also fares well in the elements... screen porch anyone?

hello???... Modern, organic, sculptural... We're in love....

 Speaking of sculptural, check out this beautiful piece they designed for a client...

Isn't it cool?  We were honored to be invited over and thrilled at the idea of being able to provide our clients with one of a kind metal art, and.. well.. anything! Thank you R&R for the tour, coffee, chat and opportunity to see your beautiful work and way cool workshop!...-A

Happy Monday...
Bye, bye birdie,

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