Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break?

It's Spring Break here. Yep, it's 40 degrees in the sun and we are spending our break indoors at the Great Wolf water park. It reminds me of a cross between Vegas and the hospital. How you ask? You never know if it is day or night because there are no windows and it is a cesspool of germs. Jealous, I know. In an effort to spread a little Spring cheer, I wanted to show you just how this virtual room came to life. Remember the plan? See here.


If it's Spring Break for you, I hope you are somewhere warm. If you are not on vacay -- do enjoy your Wednesday.
bye bye birdie... -H

1 comment:

House Envy said...

I love the navy and pink together!! It turned out awesome. The rug is brilliant.

I am dying at your Great Wolf Lodge description. We have one of those in our parts too! My sister is headed there this weekend:) Good luck! remember socks in the room, flip flops in the water area:) kids see no filth and I bet they are gonna love every minute! Sacrifice right:) Happy break:)


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