Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Well Dressed Home

Ann recently told me about an $8 book she bought at Lowes. Yes, you think... they have great books! No. Lowe's Foods. Hmmm. I say. Not sure I'm going to run out and get that one. It was in the bargain bin, she said. If so good (and cheap), I wonder, why didn't she get me one? So, the next time I need a gallon of milk, I may check out the bargain bin...
They had one left and I'm so glad it came home with me and my groceries. Isn't it worth 8 bucks for the cover alone? I actually read it and Annette Tatum is on to something. She gives tons of examples of how one's personal fashion style inspires the style they use in their home. Which means. I would be screwed. Can you imagine what my home would look like if it was a reflection of my personal fashion sense? My sofas would be covered in black cotton yoga pant material. It would not be pretty. 
The images are stunning and you can see how pin boards of ideas, inspiration, even grandma's brooch can inspire a room and translate into a beautiful space. 
A pair of stilettos may just mimic the style of your coffee table. The book takes on various wardrobe collections and how they transpire into beautiful layered spaces. She labels some of the looks and I found it fascinating as I tried to pin point my "style". Is it relaxed glam? ie: yoga pants and sparkly shirt.

Well dressed home

If I were going to "dress up" (translation: shower, put on 
make-up and wear something other than yoga pants) say for a 
date or a new client meeting or let's say a 
school function. Now, we are getting carried away. 
I would most likely wear jeans, a large watch, chunky necklace, 
boots (with a heel to make jeans look less frumpy) and some type 
of fur vest. 
Not real fur, so don't email me about this part.

I chose this outfit because it is really me. 
Funny thing about it... 
I also chose items that are in my house and they do look similar.
I asked Ann to do a board to show off her sense of style. She 
picked her wardrobe staples (Frye boots, hobo, cuffs) as well as 
things in her home. hmmm... couldn't you just see that outfit
walking through that room? And...
Untitled #30 
COULD WE BE MORE DIFFERENT? It is a wonder we are friends. 
Maybe I do have a sense of style that is reflected in my home. 
Told ya. There are the Frye boots. 

What about you? 
Are you "relaxed glam", "boho chic", maybe "relaxed retro"?? 
We'd love to know your style. 
Does your fashion sense translate to your house? 

bye bye birdie...

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Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Ann and Hooper- I love the boots! I think if you have a good outfit, those two pairs of boots would elevate it to great!

I fear my home is more stylish than me. I wear thrift shop and spend my money on good rugs! ( I buy only classics at the thrift shop so I hope I look like a million bucks, "hope" being the key word in that sentence!)


p.s. Are you checking your gmail account? I've sent you a few emails... I have a valentine for you both and hope for a giveaway in the future...

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