Friday, March 22, 2013

Window Dressing....

I think I have told you before that our church is in an old furniture building. Which means... we have a storefront window. Which also means on various occasions I am asked to help decorate it.  Remember the tastefully tacky Christmas window here.
Well... Saturday night we are hosting our first ever "Chick Night" with Lisa Bevere.  I was asked to be on the design team. The irony was not lost on me... you see I'm not real girlie. Don't get me wrong the perfect purse and shoes are my pursuit as well- they are just gonna be Frye's and  Lucky's (not Tori's and Kate's). Our mission was to portray girlie without being over the top. Ah ha maybe I was the woman for the job....
We decided to create mannequins in the window dressed to impress in burlap. (That's not girlie!)We added fuchsia and gold tulle for color and more texture. My bag o' scraps from various projects came in handy as well...
 Did you know you can rent mannequins? hmmm... a little creepy but you can and we did. Theses are the Ann Taylor models all broken down. Did you also know 3 bodies mannequins fit in the back of a Honda Pilot? Also... creepy. 
A few cups of coffee, some straight pins and we began designing. There was really no plan (shocker) and each mannequin's dress sort of evolved as we went. There was also no sewing but lots of straigt pins! 
Isn't the tulle around the bottom of the skirt fun? Like a 1990's prom dress...
Here are the "girls" when they were finished. This is before we put them in the back of a pick up covered with a tarp and driven to church.

The necklace is tulle twisted and knotted. Do not be surprised if you see me wearing that with a white t-shirt and jean jacket.
My daughter, Lindley's favorite dress is the one on the left. Personally I think it would be a little itchy but hey anything seems to go these days. How bout you... Would you wear one? which one is your fave?...-A
Happy Weekend!
Bye, bye birdie,

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House Envy said...

I totally would wear one! Itching all the way....i wear heels that cut off my circulation to my toes so why not a burlap dress:) I like the touch of ruffle to add fancy! My fav is the one shoulder one:)

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