Wednesday, April 10, 2013

She must be dreaming....

I know this is a design blog BUT I had to share...
(I wish I had a baby sister. I would hold her.)

As many of you know, Addie is the youngest of 4. The day I brought her home from the hospital J had just turned 6, L was 3 and M was 20 months. When Addie was 10 days old Molly ran through the screen and fell out of the dining room window.  I sat on the sofa and cried for 2 days. I chalked it up as a sign and she was our last baby.
We made it through and our family of 6 is the right number for us.
I often wonder though... Could we do 5? Once you are out numbered does it really matter? Hooper told me she held a baby the other day and the only thing she took away from it was the inconvenience of not having 2 free hands.
She might be on to something. So...
Dear Addie, Are you smoking crack? I am sorry but... It's not gonna happen. We call you the Grand Finale for a reason.
Love, Mom
She must of sensed it because then she brings home this...
(I wonder if I will get a horse. I want a black horse.)

hmmm... a little more realistic. Maybe by Friday she'll have it down to a fish. That I can do...-A
Happy Wednesday,
Bye, bye Birdie,

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Unknown said...

Are we having a mid-life crisis? Feels like it.

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