Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's a man's world

I shouldn't say this project didn't excite me but when I found out I needed to make sure the clients ducks were on the wall I did cross my fingers and hope for the best. However, my people do hunt so I wasn't exactly out of my element. I am thrilled with the turn out and think this is the right touch of masculine while still blending with the rest of the house I did last year. See here.
 This was a blank slate. I (when I say I... I mean my brother)added the board and baton wainscoting and painted it a glossy white. The room doesn't get a ton of light so I felt like we needed all the white. The walls and ceiling are both painted a  brownish gray. A good man color.
If you sketch it they can build it. I worked with my brother (Soundside Carpentry) to make sure the client got the built in desk of his dreams. A galvanized background makes for the perfect message center and the walnut desk top mans it up! The gray color of the built in is very current and a nice contrast to the white wainscoting.
 There is plenty of open storage as well as hidden storage. I love the sliding doors with the grommet finger holds.
speaking of storage... These are file drawers the client requested. Say goodbye to metal filing cabinets and hello to custom drawers with really cool pulls!
The vintage banker chair was a major score from Raleigh's craigslist. It had to live at my house for a month or so and I have to admit it was hard to deliver to the client. Did I mention it spins up and down? Bonus!
 I spy with my little eye.... A Lowe's Hardware light! There just so happens to be a much more expensive designer version of this light but I love the Lowe's one and I love it in the room.
 And...there are  those ducks! And look, their reflection is in the mirror so it looks like they are flying all over the room! I of course had to throw in a hide. The new carpet is neutral enough that the hide works on top.
The homeowner had the leather chair so we paired it with this Pier One chair for a little his and hers! The  pillows and side table  were a great Joss and Main score.  Home Goods is always the place for lamps and I was thrilled to find this brass pharmacy light there.
The client had a library cabinet that I ended up keeping in the room. I needed a place for the remaining ducks that didn't fly!
All in all I loved how the man room/ office turned out... don't you?.... -Ann
In other news...Hooper and I are off to the beach today for some much needed magazine reading... Join us if you are around!  Happy Thursday!
Bye, bye birdie,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Renovation Diary: Dining Room

Remember this renovation? You can check it out here. The dining room got a complete makeover too!
The client wanted to keep the coastal feel with light colors. We used grays, muted aquas and pale greens throughout. Check out the before of the dining room. It had dark faux finished walls, and was filled with dark heavy baroque style furniture.
It's hard to believe this is the same space! 
Before, the solid wall that backed up to the kitchen housed a server. 
We opened up the wall to the kitchen. The wall with the arch above is the same wall as pictured above.
We used two large drums so it would be centered from the kitchen view and would light the 120" dining table.

This massive antique buffet was refinished and glazed for serving and storage. 
I love the detailing. 

This china cabinet has a mirrored back which bounces light and almost feels like a third window in the space. 

It is the perfect spot for relaxed "formal" dining or everyday meals. Stay tuned for the bathroom makeovers! Bye bye birdie, Hooper

Friday, May 24, 2013

American Kitchen

Remember this coastal gem? I've been saving this red/white/blue color scheme for a special occasion and Memorial Day is perfect. 
You recall this new house with an old vibe, well, I wanted the kitchen and dining to carry on the look and feel of the rest of home.

 This family of two busy doctors, three kids (and one dog) wanted relaxed easy living. They spend a lot of time entertaining -- not fine dining, but the good ol' entertaining. When we started planning, she painted pictures  of them having crab boils and shucking oysters and wanted a place there they could just hang out with family and friends. She has a great eye for collecting and wanted her home to have some history.

 Of course her reclaimed heart pine floors make this dog trot style home shine. We opted out of a rug because she claims they are too messy. This kitchen/dining area work for easy living and clean up! 
The client and I scored these metal chairs at a warehouse sale in the country. I love the juxtaposition with her existing farm table. 
 Everything is so open and feels like it has been here for years. I love that about the vibe of this space. 
 This reclaimed store counter was transformed into a huge island to bring on the old. She found it in Eastern North Carolina and we had it retrofitted for stools and a big slab of marble. 
We wrapped the edges for the "slab"effect. 
 The marble isn't the only cool top in the kitchen. This concrete will hold up to lots of cooking and prep. 
 We wanted to warm up the kitchen so it wouldn't feel too sterile with all of the white tile and cabinetry. This wood hood was crafted by craftsman Brandon Parrow. The piece of Hemlock was found at a friend's workshop. He traded the piece of wood for a case of Budweiser and Brandon turned it into a focal point.  

 The lighting is a Home Depot find and adds a little industrial look to the space. It just feels good in this good ol' American Kitchen. I can't wait until they invite me over for a crab boil. How about Memorial Day? - Hooper

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Thank you to our servicemen and women for serving and protecting our country, we are humbled.



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Re-Entry - who needs it?

Read and I have returned from celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary in Parrot Cay. When I tell you I have the best husband clients in the world, I mean it. One client (who shall remain nameless) traded us a dream vacation at Parrot Cay for some design time on her latest project. Thank you husband dream client for the best vacation a couple could ask for!

Many of you have asked for photos from our get away. It was just too good not to share -- especially since I was blown away by the decor. 
Welcome to Parrot Cay.

 Here is a shot of Read and I enjoying some time on the beach. Just kidding. Do you REALLY think I had on a bikini? Much less, posted it on my blog? 
The airy Indonesian vibe accented every single space. Everything was natural wood, white and Turquoise (only from the sea). 

Aside from a couple of minor mishaps like watching Read realizing his passport expired 4 days before the trip... watching Read struggle to lift heavy weights in yoga inspired "zen" gym next to Bruce Willis while blaring some type of very loud music on speakers in zen gym... way under-budgeting for alcohol and crying upon departure, it was a perfect vacation. Now I am rocking a savage tan and am so relaxed that I almost forgot to take kids to school this morning. Re-entry. Who needs it?
bye bye birdie,

Monday, May 20, 2013

(Not) My Farmhouse....

 Jeff was out of town this weekend so I kept it low key... My sister was here from Chicago, we had 3 all star soccer games Saturday morning and I hosted a beach party Saturday night. Did I say low key? What I meant to say was Jeff was out of town and I needed lots of crack coffee to keep up.
But we made it and he got back just in time for us to hit a Sunday afternoon party at a friend's farmhouse 30 minutes outside of Wilmington. I had never been there before and when we pulled up my heart began racing.
I was so confused... why was my friend living in a house that was clearly supposed to be mine? Do you see the double house window panes in that middle window upstairs? Swoon...
The blue chairs on her porch did used to mine. My sister in law picked them up on the side of the road one day. That was the day she officially became one of us. My brother was beaming when he found out she had brought home someone else's trash... Anyhoo, they didn't work on her porch or mine so Amy ended up with them. She loved on them and painted them and they truly belong!
An easel sits by the front door with a stitched picture about guest. The original picture hung in her parents house and one of her sisters got it and is now making one for all the siblings to have. (Did I mention there are 13 of them?)

The inside is as lovely as the outside and they have spent countless hours bringing this beautiful old home back to life. The details are gorgeous. I loved this built in bookcase stuffed to the gills off of the foyer.
The house has 5 bedrooms (see?... would be perfect for our family!) each with beautiful light and layered details. Wonder if the dog sleeps on the dog bed or chaise?
Painted floors, bead board on the walls and ceilings, and sweet details made this my room of choice.
The surrounding yard is full of mature plants and little treasures everywhere. All the trees are have hanging lanterns and at night when lit, I have heard it is breathtaking. Unfortunately, we had to get the kids in bed and left before dark. (Also after a coke, cream soda and an orange crush, Addie was buzzin' and no longer making eye contact so we thought we better leave before asked to!)
A little table set up with a "green fairy drink" certainly got a lot of attention though I was not brave enough to try it. 110 proof? Yeah, no thanks... I'm not much of a drinker and I feared one of those and I'd either be telling everyone my life story or think I was really funny.

I loved the details around every corner and especially loved the legend of the Spanish moss. I had never heard that before but you better believe that is going somewhere in my house!
Obviously my weekend wasn't low key after all but we did have so much fun spending it with family and then friends. I am not rested  as a busy week awaits me but I am truly inspired and thrilled I got to spend time with A&G and all their friends at my their beautiful farmhouse...-A
(don't worry... I'll show you more later!)
 Happy Monday!
Bye, bye Birdie,
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