Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beach Retreat Before and After

Thank you to all of those that came to our Wine and Cheese last night. For all of those that wanted something other than wine to drink, thank you for understanding we had nothing else to offer. We sold lots of good stuff but there are still some items available so let us know if you see something you want. For those of you interested in Kristin Gibson's art, those pieces can go out on approval. Let us help you place your favorite piece.
In other news, this project just wrapped. Check out this before and after -- step into a time machine.
With a view like this, who needs to be concerned with the interiors? My client recently bought this condo and it needed a major facelift. These units were all built by my dad in the nineties (he was a builder) and showcased everything from the decade. It was cool to work on a project he had been involved in, however, between the vertical blinds and pickled oak -I felt like I was in a time warp.
Clearly, this is the BEFORE. I love the cloud wallpaper and the beach scene border. Was that really "in" at some point?
Note the linoleum and laminate. 
I replaced it with granite tops (White Eyes to be exact), painted the cabinetry, replaced the flooring with a new gray tile...
and added a modern tile backsplash. 
The raised countertop made the kitchen feel closed off from the rest of the living space. 
We lowered it and which opened it up. 
These units sell furnished, the previous owners hadn't done much in the way of decor and it felt like a hodge podge of items.
 New carpet, new paint, new light fixtures and furnishings and this condo's interiors now flow with it's stunning exterior.

The bedrooms and master bath got makeovers too. 
Tropical fish wallpaper in the master bath made you feel like you were bathing in an aquarium. It got replaced with paint.
 And adding sea glass mosaics give it a spa-like feel. Simple, but quite the improvement! 

Simple bedding in light airy colors gives each bedroom an updated look without spending a lit of money. Each room feels like a retreat (with the ocean waves crashing in the background). 

 I switched the plastic loungers for some adirondacks so the client can enjoy the amazing view. 

It's the perfect vacation spot -- making me wish summer would hurry up and arrive.
bye bye birdie...


Unknown said...

It was so great to meet you last night Hooper, I love what you and Ann do! And I love to peek inside people's houses:) The condo looks great and I really enjoy your blog!

Lindsey Suggs said...

Love it! Sorry to miss last night. I know it was so much fun!

Lissa said...

Love what y'all did!!!
If you have any leftover cabinet paint---you might want to paint the area above the cabinets(kitchen) the same color.
It would really make the cabinets and kitchen seem larger and continuous

toko busana muslim murah said...

I like your story, ok, i’ll bookmark this site and return here in next few days.

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

OMG LOVE The bedroom with the twin beds and bedding so bold and colorful amazing.

claire said...

Can you tell me where you got those blue chairs and the cream colored sofa that are in the living area? I am in love with them. My luck, they're extremely expensive.

Unknown said...

Hi Claire, the sofa and chairs were slipcovered. The slipcovers were made locally and the fabrics came from from Wilmington Fabric Solutions. The fabrics were under $10 a yard! Good luck!

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