Monday, May 6, 2013

Charm School dropout...

A few weeks ago  we took the kids downtown to Azalea Fest. We thought they needed the street fair experience. They thought they needed the street fair food... $60 later we were all still hungry and decided meat on a stick or cheese pumped over our food wasn't really our style. Whew! Anyhoo while we were searching for the perfect food truck to buy a funnel cake  (funnel cake however  is my our style) I stumbled across the greatest little booth and artist.

Meet Sarah Collier here from The Charm School Dropout
(love the name)

Check out some of her work...
 See why I abandoned the funnel cake search and instead hung out in her booth?

Sarah is a mixed media artist that uses old photos, magazines, fabric, wood, paint... well really anything to create these great works of art. She then mounts what she creates to wood, pours resin over them instead of putting them under glass, and frames them with old wood... they are really quite cool. I just had to bring one home with me and love it in my living room. What? I bought some more art? Shocker... I know.
 I am a sucker for an artist's studio...
 Though she travels the country doing fairs and art shows, she has  Wilmington roots and does great little pieces like this one.
She does these cute lit boxes framed in old found wood. She uses vintage book pages,
sewing patterns and any other cool image she can find to make these charming little art pieces.

Going through her portfolio I found several I loved especially this with the old slide image and man's man vibe. However, I couldn't hang this one in my house with the whole smoking thing happening. That would send my kids over the edge. But seriously... how cool is Clint?

Sarah also does custom pieces. You can send her a photo and anything significant that you would want her to incorporate in the collage style piece. A few years ago cute Jen from Fotojenik (see here)took a family picture of us and it is by far my most favorite picture ever.
Did you think we would be posing in matching outfits?  I know this is a little non traditional as far as family photos go but it just makes me happy! I love that Jeff's head is lost in the sun... he's so angelic, he just glows. And do you see Jackson jumping with a stick?... hmmm... now that's good parenting.

Anyway, I was thinking of having Sarah use this picture for a custom art piece. We could add  a page from thier favorite book or even their baby bracelets. Our wedding invitation could be included as well as anything that ties us as a family.

What do you think?  Should I go for it? Do you like traditional pictures or more of a photo journalistic approach?

So.... Go checkout Sarah's site and her Etsy shop here where you can buy her work in glossy prints. Tell me what you think!...-Ann

Happy Monday
Bye, bye birdie,


bluehydrangea said...

Love the pic of y'all jumping!! You so need to do something with that!!

Laura S said...

I absolutely love her art!! I totally agree with commissioning her to do something with your jumping family portrait! It's a beautiful picture in so many ways! It screams Schutte family! :)

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