Monday, May 13, 2013

To all of you that are Mothers... I hope yesterday was wonderful. In fact I hope your children floated out of their rooms on clouds. I hope you heard silence and no bickering all day. (nobody breathed on anybody, touched them, sat on their side of the car , etc....)
I also hope you got an orange paperclip, foam flower, sticker, U.F.O. landing pad necklace as cool as mine and you rocked it out. 
Yes... I hope this for all of you. Yesterday was wonderful.  We hung out at the beach, pool, and ended the day at my favorite restaurant with a quick ice cream shop stop to follow... My rings don't fit on my fingers today but yesterday was wonderful. 
 We have shared before about our precious friends cute Jen and Hal from Fotojenik and their adoption journey. See here. As they get closer to their goal they continue their desire to help others fund their adoptions. I love their hearts and can not wait to see Jen celebrate her first Mother's day with a baby on her hip!
I rocked my KIN bracelet along with my necklace. I wear the bracelet everyday! So treat yourself to a very cool hip bracelet and cause.... See here.
Happy Monday!
Bye,bye Birdie,

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stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

No landing pad necklace but homemade flower pots and cards -- my favorite gift of all. Love the bracelet. Hope you had a great mothers day.

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