Monday, May 20, 2013

(Not) My Farmhouse....

 Jeff was out of town this weekend so I kept it low key... My sister was here from Chicago, we had 3 all star soccer games Saturday morning and I hosted a beach party Saturday night. Did I say low key? What I meant to say was Jeff was out of town and I needed lots of crack coffee to keep up.
But we made it and he got back just in time for us to hit a Sunday afternoon party at a friend's farmhouse 30 minutes outside of Wilmington. I had never been there before and when we pulled up my heart began racing.
I was so confused... why was my friend living in a house that was clearly supposed to be mine? Do you see the double house window panes in that middle window upstairs? Swoon...
The blue chairs on her porch did used to mine. My sister in law picked them up on the side of the road one day. That was the day she officially became one of us. My brother was beaming when he found out she had brought home someone else's trash... Anyhoo, they didn't work on her porch or mine so Amy ended up with them. She loved on them and painted them and they truly belong!
An easel sits by the front door with a stitched picture about guest. The original picture hung in her parents house and one of her sisters got it and is now making one for all the siblings to have. (Did I mention there are 13 of them?)

The inside is as lovely as the outside and they have spent countless hours bringing this beautiful old home back to life. The details are gorgeous. I loved this built in bookcase stuffed to the gills off of the foyer.
The house has 5 bedrooms (see?... would be perfect for our family!) each with beautiful light and layered details. Wonder if the dog sleeps on the dog bed or chaise?
Painted floors, bead board on the walls and ceilings, and sweet details made this my room of choice.
The surrounding yard is full of mature plants and little treasures everywhere. All the trees are have hanging lanterns and at night when lit, I have heard it is breathtaking. Unfortunately, we had to get the kids in bed and left before dark. (Also after a coke, cream soda and an orange crush, Addie was buzzin' and no longer making eye contact so we thought we better leave before asked to!)
A little table set up with a "green fairy drink" certainly got a lot of attention though I was not brave enough to try it. 110 proof? Yeah, no thanks... I'm not much of a drinker and I feared one of those and I'd either be telling everyone my life story or think I was really funny.

I loved the details around every corner and especially loved the legend of the Spanish moss. I had never heard that before but you better believe that is going somewhere in my house!
Obviously my weekend wasn't low key after all but we did have so much fun spending it with family and then friends. I am not rested  as a busy week awaits me but I am truly inspired and thrilled I got to spend time with A&G and all their friends at my their beautiful farmhouse...-A
(don't worry... I'll show you more later!)
 Happy Monday!
Bye, bye Birdie,


Cyndia said...

I really think you're wrong. That's supposed to be MY house! What a great one! And it looks like you had a great time! I would recommend the absinthe; it's delicious!
Be careful of putting Spanish moss in your home! Little critters live in it!

manifestyourdreams said...

Oh "Aunt Judy" I love you sooooo! The house is meant to be shared. Such lovely energy we inherited. I don't know anyone who lives in a house that is ever "done". What a gift to have creative people offering advice and suggestions as we continue our quirky dream farmhouse effort. Bring your brood and Hooper anytime you like!

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

oh my that house! AMAZING. Love the Spanish moss story too.

faye said...

that is a really nice place. looks so relaxing

sandy gillaspy said...

Thanks for sharing---what a pleasure!!! Couldn't read the
directions for the Absinthe, probably just as well---Sandy G

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