Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wash and Wear Condo ready to rent...

Seems to be condo season around here... Hooper did an amazing condo reno here. And I just finished giving this oceanfront beauty an overhaul. The catch... I  had 3 weeks to do it. So if you have seen me in the last 3 weeks, I apologize for the crazed look and dreads. Hair brushing seemed to have taken a back seat to this project. Anyhow, now it's done and I am very pleased. Take a look...
While this was a gem in it's day, the furniture and french country vibe had become outdated.
Considering budget, I kept the art, coffee table (LOVED!) and furniture. Beach friendly slipcovers did wonders. I kept the colors surf and sand on the sophisticated side.  I painted the entire condo the same color so it wouldnt feel choppy or broken up by color.
 Because this is a rental, the rug stayed small.  I wanted a pop of pattern and texture without maintenance. the hardwood floors are perfect for sweeping up sand at the end of a beach day.
A smaller console replaced the big TV armoire. But seriously... who's watching T.V. with this view?
Stay tuned Friday to learn more about the coral art on the wall...
Check out the dining room before:
Heavy ornate furniture no longer fit the bill for a rental. So... I took it down a notch with a comfortable casual feel.
A simple drum shade is high enough to not block the view from the kitchen. Do you know how many kids you can pile on a bench? The bench will offer more seating then 2 more chairs.
The kitchen got a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and wall  as well as an updated light... that did wonders. Subway tile is next on the list. We stayed minimal in here since the homeowner is considering a major reno in 5 years.
The bedrooms got attention as well as all new!...
 Master Before:

Blackout drapes are a nice alternative to heavy blinds. Both bedrooms got new carpet. I choose a taupe color in hopes to hide stains should they occur. (remember... it's a rental)
 Guest Room Before:
Since this was a 2 bedroom condo, the 2nd bedroom needed a queen and twin bed. New matching headboards and simple bedding keep the room light and open.

The bathrooms needed serious attention...
Before & After:                                                                                         
The master bath has a new double vanity, new floor tile in the tub area, & new recessed lighting. (Apparently when the condo was built overhead florescent take me to your leader lights were all the rage). The saloon style  medicine cabinet had to go as well.
But... my favorite detail was turning an unused nook near the front door into a functioning space...
Before this was just a nook with a small table and lamp. Now you have a basket for flip flops, a seat and hooks for beach bags. Another Soundside Carpentry job well done.
The goal was beachy without being too beachy... hmmm... Color & details did the trick:
Now it is rental ready! Too bad we're not moving in!...-Ann
Happy Wednesday!
Bye, bye Birdie,
Thank you JJJ &  AJ for the opportunity and all the help!


Unknown said...

It's amazing! I'm so proud of you! Wish I was there to see in person!! Great job!

Michelle said...

Yay- it looks so good...glad I could help- let me know if I can help with other projects- it was fun!

Lindsey Suggs said...

So fun and fabulous!! Love the colors. Such great updates!

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Anne- Bravo! Great job. The guest bedroom is my favorite transformation. Lucky renters!


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