Friday, June 28, 2013

This little light of mine...

If you follow us on Facebook (and you should) you have seen this lamp before. Hooper and I often take pictures of cool things and suggest someone... anyone go get it. I saw this lamp for $35 at HG and told you people to go get it. And you did... you bought one so I bought the other bringing my lamp total in my house into the 20's. Intervention anyone?

Although I love it something was missing... Or let's just say it had not reached it's full potential. Hmm... Since I am embracing my inner DIY this summer I decided to take this little light of mine and let it shine.

I decided to do horizontal stripes painted on the inside of the glass. I taped the top of the inside and then did a strip on the outside of the glass so I could keep my stripes straight... Tracking?

When all my taping was done I covered everything I didn't want to spray in paper including the bottom of the inside and the outside because remember I am painting the sides of the inside of the lamp.

 It's a good thing Jeff doesn't always read the blog because it was way too hot to spray paint outside so I made a little make shift spray booth and spray painted in my kitchen. It's not that I am a princess,  while I do not like to sweat (It's true) it actually was too hot to use the paint outside. Paint does best in temperatures of 60-70 degrees not 90 and humid. I mean don't we all?
I used Rust-Oleum metallic in champagne mist for the stripes. Removing the tape was like Christmas! Drum roll please.....
(sorry for the pic- another overcast HUMID day...ughhh...)
It needs a little touch up but for the most part I think it turned out great! What do you think? Now, I'm thinking I want the other one so I can have  a pair for the girls room. Anyone have the other one? Anyone? ...-A
Happy weekend!
Bye, bye birdie,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have a summer! It's raining and the kids seem to be multiplying over here like gremlins.
My expectations of summer are always to high... I have 30 loads of laundry and Tupperware bins filled with winter clothes all over my dining room to prove it. It's a bummer because I am seriously committed to some DIY projects and I need your help. I have no idea what color to paint the toile chandelier I bought... and I can't show you the space to get your opinion. (laundry everywhere...)
Next week, okay? Anyway... I did get one small tiny DIY done... Voila!
I made use of these old lanterns I had outside that used to have candles in them...
Yikes... They were not looking so hot... they also used to have glass but  4 kids and a couple skateboard incidents later the glass was just a memory.
 I cleaned them and then spray painted them with Krylon in blue ocean breeze. Spray paint has come a long way and if you know what you are doing you can get a great finish.
I then added some small pots with begonias to finish the look. Begonias are ok with shade which is why they will work in my new lantern planters!
I know, I know, pretty simple but the DIY summer is just beginning...
 And in other news... look what I just scored on CL for $20!
It is going to be my laundry room door! It has the original wavy glass. The glass is gorgeous but I need to let light in but not the laundry view so I was thinking about frosting it? Has anyone ever done that? Please give me your thoughts and or advice if you have! This is DIY for another day... baby steps...-A
Happy Tuesday!
bye, bye birdie,

Friday, June 21, 2013

Kim and Kanye's Baby Nursery Reveal

Dear Kim and Kanye:
Congrats on your new baby girl! I am sure that "North West" is going to have a wonderful life and is lucky to have such doting parents. I was certain she would have a very pretty name like Krystal, Krown,  Klique, Kavalier, Kocoon... but North West?????

I heard you were going to call her "Nori" for short. 
Isn't that a seaweed?
Thank you for asking us to help design your nursery. Before we get too far into the design process, I wanted to bounce some ideas around. 
I am aware that money is no object. However, I wouldn't want you to think that I am a Gold Digger and going for broke. Therefore, in an effort to repurpose, I suggest we use Kim's Met Gala dress as drapes in little Nori's room... 
They would be so old fashioned and sweet. Plus we have tons of fabric to work with.
Sunbursts are sooooo last season. This compass would be perfect over North's crib.
I know you love some bling and this chandelier is just beautiful. 
I put together a board so you can see it as it all comes together. You both have such lovely taste. I am sure that it will be beautiful. Please let me know when you are ready to move forward. Best,
Hooper (Ann doesn't watch your show)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

You light up my life....

Remember a few post ago when we showed you the campaign dresser our new favorite reader (sorry everyone else) tipped us about? Well ... she happens to have a few other items for sale. She might just be our new picker! Love a girl with a good eye. One of the items she has is a toile chandelier similar to this one:
The one she has is black. And ... I am thinking about owning it and painting it (not white though) . If you flip through your new HGTV magazine with Hooper's porch in it. (I know you all ran out and got it - not only is her porch summer redo fab but the whole magazine is great!)
Anyhoo keep flipping and you will see Young House Love's house. Remember, I blogged about them here. Well.... I have been a little obsessed with their affordable lighting at Shades of Light. While I need more bulbs then their single socket fixtures and something a little more sophisticated for my dining room, it's the brightly colored chandy's that keep drawing me in.
So.... I'm thinking about owning this light fixture and rattle canning it something punchy. Maybe a stem green?
Or... coral? Love this color and chandelier! I also really like the round bulbs. Here's a tip~ Change your typical 'candle flcker' bulbs out for round ones. It will update your fixture and give your room  a cool mod look.
Can you tell we might have a DIY summer ahead? I can not wait to show you how my lanterns I painted turned out. (almost finished!)
Anyway... what should I do? Get the chandelier? Paint it? What color? And readers... please email us any pics of anything you have done similar. We would love to see what yall do too! I did say this might be a DIY summer, didn't I?...-A
Happy Thursday!
Bye, bye birdie,

Monday, June 17, 2013

HGTV Photo Shoot and happy father's day!

Best Father's Day EVER. Read left me and the kids in the mountains because he had to get back to work. Clearly, I am taking my "time off" a little too literally. While Read is at home alone on Father's Day (bet he's loving it), I am sleeping in (7:15) and waking up to a storm of emails from Ann. Because this happens every morning, I take my coffee on the porch to wake up slowly and open my email around 9. Pretending I am still on my mental vacay, I casually open her first email. 
Hmmm, I think. Glad Jeff is enjoying his Father's Day. While it appears he is reading the ad about steaks, I look closer to see that he is reading an article about an outdoor space. In HGTV magazine. Still sleepy, I think: Jeff is brushing up on his DIY skills then it HITS ME. 
The July/August issue hit stands this weekend.... Since I am in the middle of nowhere, my grocery aisle browsing is a little hindered. 
Have a peek. Notice the cover: A Summer of DIY. Did I mention that summer of DIY has been happenin' on MY PORCH??? 
Back in April, we spent a few days with the HGTV crew to get my outdoor space ready for their Summer issue. My porch needed a bright summery look so we beefed it up a little (ok a lot). The crew rolled in and we hit the stores. Home Depot, Lowes, the local hot spots (thanks Maran!)... 
What, you ask, will we make with this???
Oh, just you wait. 
Here's a tip: When a major mag shows up at your door for a little DIY, pretend you are good with paint. Or just call Ann. 
Ok, so I may have been drinking (a little) during the spray painting part. 
Ann got to work on the decals. I know, sounds  little cheesy, but wait until you see the end result! 
 Uber-stylist, Matthew Gleason and crew started setting up for the shoot Sunday night to style it bright and early Monday when the rest of the crew arrived. 
Ok, so maybe I exaggerated the bright part. We woke up to a monsoon. It would have been easier to transform my porch into a pool. Me, aka Polly Positive, is skipping around offering scones (and praying)  -- promising it will clear up. Head shots were on the agenda - while thankful they didn't use them, it was quite the experience. 
Down to Earth vs. Diva? I do not have an umbrella handler. That was clearly for um frizzy hair light. My ten year old arrived just in time decked out in make-up, shorts, a tunic and heels. I'm looking at her in this shot wondering what the hell she has on. 
 Skies started to clear just as they were starting to reschedule and Matthew got to work.  

I love how effortless he makes it look. Even though the skies may open up at any minute, couldn't you just have a cool glass of lemonade?
Our DIY planters and coffee table added bright fun touches to this tropical porch. 
 Photographer David Land made the space look amazing even with a looming storm. The end result is a Summer porch filled with DIY projects. We are ready to entertain! Come on over... 

To all of the dads out there dying to brush up on their DIY skills... run right out and get this issue...
And to Read, you are the best father and husband. Thank you for putting up with the madness. You too Jeff, come on over and we'll grill you a steak on our new porch!  

                 Happy mother's  Father's Day!

credit to: Matthew Gleason, David A. Land Photography, Jennifer Berno, Barbara Ovrutsky and HGTV magazine

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's a girl to do?

Some decisions are really hard. Sometimes you wonder if you made the right one. If you follow our FB page, you know Hooper is in the mountains. You also know a major design magazine is there photographing the house we did together in Cashiers. Why am I not there??? Am I crazy??? Well, the plan was for me to be there but then.... My Molly was asked to sing the National Anthem to open the school talent show and Lindley was in it dancing.(the same day as the 8 hours away photo shoot) Can I be honest and say I still struggled with my decision to stay... I mean I could be watching a stylist, photographer and really see all our hard work in process of being published! Opportunity of a lifetime! And I struggled until...
My sweet 8 year old stood in the middle of that auditorium stage and belted out the National Anthem in perfect tune acapella. And then my 10 year old fearlessly danced with a friend to a dance they made up in her friend's living room. Now that's a talent show and nothing could of kept me from watching those moments for my girls...
And while I was here and not in the mountains Hooper got a text from a reader:
Hooper- I know you are in the mountains (she reads our FB page!) but wanted you to know about a great find. The Goodwill on Kerr has a Bernhardt campaign desk for sale.
First, we did not know this girl and she looked up our contact and texted us. Second, she told us about it!! BEST READER EVER!!!! So Hooper, with no reception, hangs off the side of the mountain to get me on the phone. Of course I am on my way to dress rehearsal for the talent show so what do I do? I call my hubby, describe what a campaign desk looks like and he goes and gets it. The funny thing is our husbands no longer flinch at our odd request from time to time... like leave work (yes, we know your job is important) and drive across town and buy what we think is a way cool desk that has been in some random house for who knows how long... thank you honey...
Boy, do we have big plans for this desk... well actually we don't  know exactly what we are going to do to it but it'll be great! Any suggestions?  Not that I believe in design Gods but this was a nice little score that we wouldn't have gotten if  we had both been in the mountains!
Whatever we do to it has to be bold... don't ya think? I'm kind of diggin' the blue... thoughts?
Anyway... I'm happy to be here, and so glad I got to see my girlies show. It's been a good week...And thank you for the tip best reader ever ;)...
Happy Thursday and have a great weekend...-A
Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Favorite Porch -- in bloom

Our favorite porch (we have ever done together) is in bloom! I am in the mountains this week for a photo shoot (can't wait to spill the beans on this one) and wish Ann was here too. I wanted to share some shots of it in all of it's glory. It's still cool here, so there is nothing better than sitting on the screen porch. 
 It's scattered with finds from London and local finds from Cashiers. 

 I could stay here all day. Check out the view!!! The laurels against the log fence complete the look. 

Happy summer.... 
bye bye birdie
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