Friday, June 7, 2013

Bring it on

In one hour and 42 minutes my kids are out of school for SUMMER.
That means Rico Suave and the Joker are now rising first graders. I cried so hard at graduation last night that Read asked me to "step out". Considering I didn't know a soul in the graduating class, I guess it was a little strange. 
My 10 year old is a rising fourth grader. Considering she came downstairs yesterday with pink hair "ready for school", I'm a little nervous about what age 10 has to offer. 

Most (prepared) parents say: BRING IT. Me, not so much. Just last weekend, I packed a gourmet (Trader Joe's) picnic for a day on the boat with my family. Read took the boys (or so I thought) to the boat. 

Read: I'm taking the boys.
Me: OK, I'll meet you there with the girls.
(Please explain how there is a communication breakdown here)
I load up Graham, Teddy, the picnic and my mother-in-law into my mini to head to the boat and meet Read and crew. Note that in summer traffic, it's a good 20 minute drive. We arrive, load up and I look around (a little worried because we are ON. THE. WATER) and there is no Hutson in sight. 
Me: Where's Hutson?
Read: I dunno.
Me: How can you not know where our 6 year old is when we are on a dock?
Read: He never came onto to the dock. He must still be in your car.
Me. Huh?
Read: Didn't you bring him?
Me: *#%@
Oh yeah. Please don't call DSS. Somehow, I miraculously made it home in 7 minutes. By the time I arrived, I was crying (the ugly cry). 
Me: Hutson??? Hutson?? Hutson are you OK? Are you here?
Hutson: Hey mom. I'm watching Spongebob 
*more good parenting

Yeah. I'm ready for summer. BRING IT ON.

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