Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have a summer cold....boo! It's raining and the kids seem to be multiplying over here like gremlins.
My expectations of summer are always to high... I have 30 loads of laundry and Tupperware bins filled with winter clothes all over my dining room to prove it. It's a bummer because I am seriously committed to some DIY projects and I need your help. I have no idea what color to paint the toile chandelier I bought... and I can't show you the space to get your opinion. (laundry everywhere...)
Next week, okay? Anyway... I did get one small tiny DIY done... Voila!
I made use of these old lanterns I had outside that used to have candles in them...
Yikes... They were not looking so hot... they also used to have glass but  4 kids and a couple skateboard incidents later the glass was just a memory.
 I cleaned them and then spray painted them with Krylon in blue ocean breeze. Spray paint has come a long way and if you know what you are doing you can get a great finish.
I then added some small pots with begonias to finish the look. Begonias are ok with shade which is why they will work in my new lantern planters!
I know, I know, pretty simple but the DIY summer is just beginning...
 And in other news... look what I just scored on CL for $20!
It is going to be my laundry room door! It has the original wavy glass. The glass is gorgeous but I need to let light in but not the laundry view so I was thinking about frosting it? Has anyone ever done that? Please give me your thoughts and or advice if you have! This is DIY for another day... baby steps...-A
Happy Tuesday!
bye, bye birdie,

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Lyn Moon said...

Frosting is a great way to go to get light but still have privacy. I've used it on three different french doors. Two for bathrooms and one for our master bedroom. It has worked fantastic for me. Give it a try. Enjoy your blog.

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