Monday, June 17, 2013

HGTV Photo Shoot and happy father's day!

Best Father's Day EVER. Read left me and the kids in the mountains because he had to get back to work. Clearly, I am taking my "time off" a little too literally. While Read is at home alone on Father's Day (bet he's loving it), I am sleeping in (7:15) and waking up to a storm of emails from Ann. Because this happens every morning, I take my coffee on the porch to wake up slowly and open my email around 9. Pretending I am still on my mental vacay, I casually open her first email. 
Hmmm, I think. Glad Jeff is enjoying his Father's Day. While it appears he is reading the ad about steaks, I look closer to see that he is reading an article about an outdoor space. In HGTV magazine. Still sleepy, I think: Jeff is brushing up on his DIY skills then it HITS ME. 
The July/August issue hit stands this weekend.... Since I am in the middle of nowhere, my grocery aisle browsing is a little hindered. 
Have a peek. Notice the cover: A Summer of DIY. Did I mention that summer of DIY has been happenin' on MY PORCH??? 
Back in April, we spent a few days with the HGTV crew to get my outdoor space ready for their Summer issue. My porch needed a bright summery look so we beefed it up a little (ok a lot). The crew rolled in and we hit the stores. Home Depot, Lowes, the local hot spots (thanks Maran!)... 
What, you ask, will we make with this???
Oh, just you wait. 
Here's a tip: When a major mag shows up at your door for a little DIY, pretend you are good with paint. Or just call Ann. 
Ok, so I may have been drinking (a little) during the spray painting part. 
Ann got to work on the decals. I know, sounds  little cheesy, but wait until you see the end result! 
 Uber-stylist, Matthew Gleason and crew started setting up for the shoot Sunday night to style it bright and early Monday when the rest of the crew arrived. 
Ok, so maybe I exaggerated the bright part. We woke up to a monsoon. It would have been easier to transform my porch into a pool. Me, aka Polly Positive, is skipping around offering scones (and praying)  -- promising it will clear up. Head shots were on the agenda - while thankful they didn't use them, it was quite the experience. 
Down to Earth vs. Diva? I do not have an umbrella handler. That was clearly for um frizzy hair light. My ten year old arrived just in time decked out in make-up, shorts, a tunic and heels. I'm looking at her in this shot wondering what the hell she has on. 
 Skies started to clear just as they were starting to reschedule and Matthew got to work.  

I love how effortless he makes it look. Even though the skies may open up at any minute, couldn't you just have a cool glass of lemonade?
Our DIY planters and coffee table added bright fun touches to this tropical porch. 
 Photographer David Land made the space look amazing even with a looming storm. The end result is a Summer porch filled with DIY projects. We are ready to entertain! Come on over... 

To all of the dads out there dying to brush up on their DIY skills... run right out and get this issue...
And to Read, you are the best father and husband. Thank you for putting up with the madness. You too Jeff, come on over and we'll grill you a steak on our new porch!  

                 Happy mother's  Father's Day!

credit to: Matthew Gleason, David A. Land Photography, Jennifer Berno, Barbara Ovrutsky and HGTV magazine


Lindsey Suggs said...

Ahhh! Love it! I will pick up a copy immediately. Great job, Graces Under Fire!

Unknown said...

Congrats! This is gorgeous as are you!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Cool beans! Will go and look for it!

bluehydrangea said...

So exciting!! Now I have to get off the computer and g get a copy!!! And I am loving those planters!!

danikat411 said...

No mention of the FABULOUS rug?

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