Monday, June 10, 2013

Making a list...

7 years... yes, that's right, we have been in our house for 7 years. When we bought our house we were only going to stay  for 2. Do the math... we are 5 years past our "plan". I like our house... it is cool, has lots of quirks and um... er... character. When we bought it we did a total overhaul which was fun. We have now been in it long enough that the things that we did need attention again. Simple maintenance. This part of home ownership is no fun. Replacing rotten wood cost the same as wallpaper for my Master. Hmmm.... to me that's a hard choice. To Jeff that's a no brainer... sigh... I guess we'll replace the wood.
 Anyhoo, my kids are in their last week of school and in my delusional world I have made a list of all the projects I will accomplish while they are home...(none of which involve me replacing siding). One major project is to redo Molly's & Addie's room and to redo Jackson's room. Lindley's room got a redo last year. See here. A few months ago I made design boards with the kids for their new rooms.
 The girls have an armoire and stacked cubbies that I can paint. I have already started with the fabrics and actually did the bird fabric in the pink and orange color way instead of the blue. The girls still wanted pink in their room... who knew?  I am hoping we can put hardwoods upstairs in all the bedrooms over the next year. Our carpet is like a giant petrie dish I am sure and it needs to go!
As far as Jackson's room goes here is where he and I landed. Lots of these pieces he already has. I am obsessed with this barn wood paper and want to do one wall in it. Here's the kicker... he is almost 13. (yikes!) How long will that paper still be cool to him? I think kids rooms or um excuse me, tween rooms are the hardest! What do you think? Do you like the paper... Oh and do you spy the small flat screen? That's a bribe and a shocker even to myself. If you know me you know we only have one tv and none in the bedrooms. Weak moment...
This one is probably my fave that I have seen but it is a bit WAY out of budget even for one wall. I know I can find something in budget but isn't it cool?
I especially love the bright colored version.  What do you think? Should I go for it?
In other news... my sweet baby grand finale child finishes kindergarten this week. I can not believe it... Should I have another baby? What do you think? Should I go for it?  I promise I am kidding! (kind of)
 Happy Monday!
bye, bye birdie,


stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

Love that wallpaper. And I would go with the neutral version if you were afraid he was going to grow out of it! But go for it!

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