Thursday, June 20, 2013

You light up my life....

Remember a few post ago when we showed you the campaign dresser our new favorite reader (sorry everyone else) tipped us about? Well ... she happens to have a few other items for sale. She might just be our new picker! Love a girl with a good eye. One of the items she has is a toile chandelier similar to this one:
The one she has is black. And ... I am thinking about owning it and painting it (not white though) . If you flip through your new HGTV magazine with Hooper's porch in it. (I know you all ran out and got it - not only is her porch summer redo fab but the whole magazine is great!)
Anyhoo keep flipping and you will see Young House Love's house. Remember, I blogged about them here. Well.... I have been a little obsessed with their affordable lighting at Shades of Light. While I need more bulbs then their single socket fixtures and something a little more sophisticated for my dining room, it's the brightly colored chandy's that keep drawing me in.
So.... I'm thinking about owning this light fixture and rattle canning it something punchy. Maybe a stem green?
Or... coral? Love this color and chandelier! I also really like the round bulbs. Here's a tip~ Change your typical 'candle flcker' bulbs out for round ones. It will update your fixture and give your room  a cool mod look.
Can you tell we might have a DIY summer ahead? I can not wait to show you how my lanterns I painted turned out. (almost finished!)
Anyway... what should I do? Get the chandelier? Paint it? What color? And readers... please email us any pics of anything you have done similar. We would love to see what yall do too! I did say this might be a DIY summer, didn't I?...-A
Happy Thursday!
Bye, bye birdie,


Unknown said...

That orange bamboo fixture kills me, I love it. Have a great weekend!
xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

Where is this coral chandelier from? I think you said YHL collection on Shades of Light, but I looked there. I am desperate to find something like this for my sunroom!! Thanks!
Elizabeth S

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