Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Ruth(ie)

We are so excited to share some wonderful news with you... You have heard us talk about cute Jen from fotojenik (here) and her and her husband Hal's adoption journey. We are so pleased to introduce you to....

Ruthie Mavis

Jen and Hal blazed out of Wilmington on Monday to welcome the arrival of their beautiful, healthy baby girl.  We are so happy for them and can not wait for the family of 3 to return home so we can get our hands on that baby! (and squeeze those cheeks!)
Jen is our amazingly talented friend. She not only owns Remnant Handmade, she is a photographer (nice baby pics) and has started KIN campaign (with Hal) to help fund adoptions for others.  Learn more about KIN here
Welcome Ruthie! We have anticipated your arrival and love you already!
(Oh and did we mention Jen and Hal have great taste and we can not wait to show you Ruthie's nursery they have been working on for months!) See their house here.
Have a very happy Wednesday!
Bye, bye Baby Birdie,


Bill said...

Congratulations Jen and Hal!!! and welcome to baby Ruthie!!! That is one lucky baby!! xoSissy

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