Monday, July 8, 2013

Chic Chinoiserie

Lots going on around these parts. It's amazing how little you can get done with three small helpers and a case of mono. Good times.

Today they are in camp and I am prepping a client's breakfast table before it goes off to the lacquer shop. It is TO DIE FOR.It's getting lacquered in a dark shade of blue. I can't wait for you to see the finished product. It will be paired with 6 faux bamboo chairs that don't match the table (on purpose)
 As many all of you know, I am love/adore anything with fretwork or a Chinoiserie vibe. I love anything with a flair of the Asian and often infuse my obsession into my client's homes. Remember this entry? I fell in love with the Thibaut wallpaper the second I saw it. Thankfully, so did my client. Everything else (including the HomeGoods score mirror) fell into place from that one inspiration. 
 Remember these blue and white ginger jars? We scored them at a local auction and got the entire lot! 
 Fretwork chairs in metal may be unexpected, but I can never seem to get enough of the fretwork. 
 I simply adore anything with a pagoda shape and add a punchy color and it's perfection. 
 I have touches all over my house... 
 This beauty from the Parade of Homes is still for sale. Anyone NEED it? 
 Fretwork can be affordable too -- check out the Target side tables above! They were $79.99. Add a spray paint and you have left your mark. 
 This Koi table base is the perfect addition to an outdoor space or breakfast nook. It is still for sale and comes complete with a glass top. 
This is where I am sitting right now as I write today's post. I will be forever indebted to HomeGoods for these stunning chairs. What will you find? Keep your eyes peeled, I have found the most amazing fretwork and chic chinoiserie pieces on Ebay, CraigsList and local junk shops. Sometimes sellers just don't know what they have! 
Happy Monday!

images via Birds of a Feather Design


anna said...


Lindsey Suggs said...

You speaka-my-language.

Sparkes said...

I love the koi table! Where can I buy it?

Unknown said...

Hi Sparkes, thanks for your interest. We found this at an auction and had it lacquered...

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