Friday, July 12, 2013


What is it about crisp black and white in a room? I am drawn to it every time... In fact, I have high hopes for my great grandmother's wing back chair that will soon be slip covered in a bold b&w stripe.
This is not the chair... My chair is way cooler and my stripes will be horizontal! Oh... my chair is going to change my life or at least my living room. I can't wait to show you!
A little b&w goes a long way... I love David's (we are now on a first name basis with all the HGTV stars...even if they have no idea who we are...) bold drapes with the bright yellow chairs. Hooper and I had fun redoing G & L's rooms in a b&w color pallet. See here and here.
But I also love b&w with more subtle pallets like blue...
Hmmm... did I say subtle? Well the color pallet is but the art is bold and amazing! And... a room by another design star fave, Em. (Emily Henderson)

I love the b&w art reflected in this mirror and I really LOOOOVE
 the wallpaper and brass mirror. Styled to perfection indeed!
And in other news... my sister and her family have been here for 2 weeks from Chicago. I have been a little crazy busy but it has been good. We have been so worried about her living in that big city north of the Mason Dixon  we had to take the whole family to the farm for a little skeet shooting...
My sweet niece Nonie is getting expert instruction from my Dad 'Pops'.

Nonie hangs with my 3 girls as they wait their turn to shoot.
Pops is in his element helping my sister. She might not live around these parts but she sure is a good shot...

 Hmmm... I wasn't the best shot but I did have fun and was having a good ponytail hair day despite the heat. (It's the little things)

I love this shot of Addie... she was so proud of the target she demolished!

 But the picture of the week ...
Jackson (now 13) and Thomas (11) were way to cool for the 4th of July festivities at the Seaside Club and completely annoyed at my paparazzi self. Let the fun begin!  
 Have a great weekend and cross your fingers that I can show you my b&w chair next week. I'm DYING to get it back!!!!!...-A
Bye, bye Birdie,
Ann & Hooper 


Unknown said...

Love the plan for the chair. Big fan of anything with stripes and black & white in general. Happy weekend!

England Furniture said...

Good post. Black and white stripes seem to give the room an air of elegance. Thanks for posting.

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