Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to the World Little Prince!

The prince has arrived! 
I couldn't be more excited -- strange I know, considering I will never meet this child or his parents. We are all taken by this little heir because it is a real life fairy tale. 
While I am antsy to see his little face and his glowing parents, I am also dying to see his new digs. 
Kate and William seem so down to earth, that I envision something classic and beautiful and not overdone (by palace standards).
Most of us decorate quaint small spaces for our baby's rooms. Imagine if you had a wing "room" in a palace? What to do.... 
 Classic and lovely just like Kate? This room has royalty painted all over it. 
I love the modern twist on this classic nursery. It has simple clean lines mixed with traditional elements. 
Here is a peek into the past... 
Queen Elizabeth admires baby Charles in a very opulent bassinet. I suspect Kate's will be slightly less frilly.
No doubt there will be a rocking horse. I love this picture of William and Harry in their nursery as little boys. Here's hoping that today is the day that the world is introduced to his Royal Majesty, the prince! 

 ...may Kate, Will and their new baby live happily ever after. 
photos credit to: Hello! Magazine

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