Thursday, August 1, 2013

15 years... A Before and After in the making...


This is what babies look like getting married...
This is what babies look like 15 years and 4 kids later...
Yup, today is Jeff and my anniversary. Woohoo (a Christmas Day miracle really). Fifteen years and four children later he still makes me laugh out loud. (That was marriage criteria). He's an incredible father and  makes our kids laugh out loud too! Over the years we've learned to appreciate each others interest. That means every now and then I throw out some sports lingo and every now and then he mentions Jackson Pollock. We've also learned to compromise... he will still take me to Pizza places even if the kids are not with us. (He's the healthy eater) He works hard for our family and is very supportive. He only rolls his eyes when he comes home and something has been added, painted, moved or sold. He let me have the garage which is full of things I just couldn't leave where I found them. Though he threatens to burn them annually, I know he never will. (That's love) I'd be lying if I didn't tell you it was touch and go there for awhile but all in all 15 years later I'd do it all over again. (And now he has that in writing!!)
It has truly been a 15 year adventure that I wouldn't  have missed for the world!
Happy Anniversary J!... love, A
 Have a wonderful Thursday and hug your fam!
Bye, bye birdie...-Ann

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Nancy said...

Great photos! Happy Anniversary!



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