Thursday, August 29, 2013

HomeGoods Hitters (and misses)

Lately, HomeGoods has been a little picked over here in Wilmington. Promise it wasn't by us (in case you are feeling the same way). It's still one our fave spots to shop for accessories, but we just haven't had any luck. Until this week... when our luck totally ran out. 
 Ann texted me these lamps. Ann lives in Annland (practical). Almost everytime she sees something fabulous, she works through it (where I give it no thought and impulse buy even if I don't have a client).  Thought process....

Ann: Do I have enough money to float it?
Hooper: Could I sell a kidney?
Ann: Do I have room in my car because I have kids to pick up?
Hooper: Can kids spend the night at school?
Ann: Do I have a client?
Hooper: Who cares? Will one day.

Once she rationalizes not to buy it, it always sells immediately to someone else. Hence, we missed these killer lamps. 

 And these killer lamps. 
I buzzed through yesterday only to have a small nervous breakdown when this girl and her boyfriend picked out a heart painting and this CLEARANCE ($199) Octopus from Natural Curiosities.

 The girl actually said to her boyfriend: 
It's so ugly it's cute. 
Boyfriend: You are so strange I love it. 

I threw up in my mouth. How could this find go to a home where it's not going to be appreciated and hang beside heart art?
Wrong. Just wrong.
Hoping today we have better luck
Bye bye birdie...


Unknown said...

Home Goods is really a fantastic hunting ground. It's hit or miss but a place you have to check out frequently! We have found some amazing unique things for clients there. I love that Octopus.
xo Nancy

Alecia said...

"Going to a home where it is not appreciated". I just love it.

Lindsey Suggs said...

Is it just me or is that octopus already tattooed on her arm??

kerrie said...


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