Friday, August 30, 2013

Practical...Shmactical...& a giveaway

Please read the previous post to know I was accused of being... practical. Oh dear. Is that good or bad?  I guess this week it was bad. I missed out on 2 pair of (insane in the membrane) killer lamps. Yes, they were THAT good. I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I saw the natural curiosities octopus the day before  Hooper missed out on it.
I do find myself in a bit of a practical dilemma- you see, the carpet upstairs in our house HAS GOT TO GO. I want to replace it with the same wide plank pine wood floors we have downstairs. Only upstairs I want to paint them.... gray.
So light, airy and classic. (the light part def makes them impractical)

I am really liking this dark one and if you know you are going to paintyour floors you can get away with a cheaper grade wood (I know this because we did this in our kitchen). SO here is the dilemma... I have had a painted kitchen floor for 7 years. It was pretty the first time I painted it for a month and then it was pretty the second time I painted it for... a week. It's not the floors fault. It's my fault. We live in our house. If it's raining the kids might roller blade downstairs. ( I hear some of you gasping). We do not always take our shoes off by the door. There are days I need every inch my wedges provide to feel better about the fact that I might be getting a little short for my weight!

Hmm... looks good...right? Now, it looks like and old porch floor that's seen better days. What's a girl to do. In my head gray floors would be stunning. But, I need to face it, I am not a meticulous housekeeper. Sob, sob... I remember the time I asked y'all if I should have open shelving in my kitchen. A few of my dearest (Hooper included) staged an intervention and talked me down from that delusion. So, I know what you might say... no painted floors upstairs. I will still be happy with the stained pine... anything is better then my petrie dish carpet situation. What do you think? Should I paint? Shoot it to me straight, I can take it... maybe.

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weedabble said...

I say paint the floor! Bedrooms take way less of a beating, traffic wise, than a kitchen floor would. And are much easier to clean, because you know you would still give carpet the tough workout that you would pine floors anyway....and carpet holds all the dirt and grime..just cause you can't see is still there!

Michelle Wright said...

Love the painted floors and I would love to win this give~away.

Cyndia said...

Paint the floors.

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Can you do a grey washed stained wood? I can imagine it would be pretty and practical.

Enter me in the giveaway - of course I'm a follower of your blog (and aren't you on WordPress and how did you get the Google Friend Follower widget on this blog? I had to give my widget up when I went to WordPress...)


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

...and I like you on Facebook, of course

...and visit my new website because there's a Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver necklace GIVEAWAY going on at my friend Alicia's blog with only 20 entries ending this Sunday. I would LOVE if you could enter and then call me if you win!


cc said...

I would not paint them, but do a wash over the wood that won't look as worn so quickly.

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