Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Round Up

What a week. Ann and I drove down to Athens on Wednesday for a whole-house installation. Quite scary considering I had to leave Friday afternoon for my cousin's wedding weekend. Also quite scary considering the planning/shopping and renovation of this entire house took place over three months. 
We made a pit stop in the most picturesque town of Greensboro, Georgia. It looked like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. We stopped here for a snack -- how cute is this place?
It just so happened that there was a an antique mall around the corner. Surprise. We just had to make a run through it. 
SCORE! Ann and I both love paint by numbers. Thankfully, these were a Chinoiserie version so they would NOT work in her house (a tad selfish, I know). 
At $50 for the pair (FIRM and I was happy to oblige), I was thrilled with our pit stop find. 
Moving on... we headed to see the house we were decorating for the first time! 
Tyler Davis and crew of Athens Building Co. worked tirelessly to meet the deadline. With kids starting school today, there was no time to waste. This family HAD to move in ready or not... so we did just that. Not sure they were quite ready for us, but we made it work! Here is a sneak peek of the progress over the weekend. 
 Loads to do on the breakfast room, but the finished space turned out to be awesome. 
 The dining room is awaiting a massive dining table and killer art to make it one of my favorite rooms in the house. 
 The living room came together slowly and once we unpacked her accessories and art from London, it was complete! 
 Little by little, we unpacked 
 added in large pieces and small... and watched design plan come together. 
I left for the wedding just in time to make it to the rehearsal dinner in Chapel Hill.
 Ann and crew stayed behind and finished it off perfectly. By the end of the weekend, my sweet cousin and his beautiful bride were married...
 and the client's new home was perfect and ready for her family to arrive... just in time to start school. We can't wait to show you the finished product!
Stay tuned... 
bye bye birdie...

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