Monday, September 30, 2013

Living in a Tent

Yesterday, I built a tent. Not a camp-out kind of tent (I don't camp), but a real, cover everything tent -- complete with thumb tacks and clothes pins. The twins begged me to build a tent "better than Daddy's". Not to be outdone by Read, I decided to tent the whole room. It was worth the (teeny tiny) pin holes in the wall just to see the look on Read's face when he got home. 

"Look what Mommy built for us". Oh yeah. Mommy can build. The highlight of my life  moment was when Flanner said: I'm so glad you're my mommy. 
It got me thinking. I need to do a tented room. Less thumb tacks -- more Miles Redd.
 I want to know how the pulled this off. Seriously? A girl that looks like she's 10 in a smocked dress. Do tell.... 
 Miles, oh Miles. I would never leave. 
 While a little "cirque", I do love it. Look how glamourous she looks in her tented bath. Granted, these are just painted to trick the eye, but inspiring none the less. 
There isn't one thing I would change (except maybe the fern). Check out the Koi table -- remember when we had one... I digress. Have you ever dreamed of living in a tent? 
bye bye birdie....

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Work in Progress

We thrive in chaos. A friend/client pointed this out yesterday and we realized that is when we are in our element. This morning, we are working -- let's call it a "Brain Storming" Session 
 Ok, maybe more of a brain tornado. (Note the excessive caffeine). An impromptu meeting to discuss a few things turned into client's future rooms all over Ann's dining room table. We have a lot of things in the works. 
 This is when we are at our best. Tomorrow, we are hitting the road again for some junk shopping and we are working on something special. We can't tell you much because we are still in the preliminary stages, but here's a hint: 
Can't wait to fill you in! Stay tuned for pics for tomorrow's trip. Check out Facebook page we'll keep you updated all day. Hopefully the stars align and we luck out!
bye bye birdie....

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In a flash...

You  know we love a good flash sale site. We often find scores on OKL or Joss and Main -sometimes for clients and sometimes for ourselves! Imagine my suprise when I discoved a new flash site with all things modern. That's right, if you have not heard of Dot & Bo go visit them now! Maybe Dot & Bo has been around a long time and we are just that slow. (this is a strong possibility) 
Check out what they have currently available...
Lucite... wingback? It's the perfect modern meets traditional chair. Can't you just imagine these as  head chairs in a dining room?

Imagine the possibilities If you had a cushion made for it...
(I would suggest a different fabric fo sho but you get the idea)
In Hooper's words... "I could do a whole room around these"...

I have always loved mid century Eames chairs and am loving this reproduction especially in this color. Wouldn't these be so fun popped around a farm table?

Dot & Bo has a whole section on chairs... (bestill my heart...)

Is anyone else singing "Meet George Jetson"...

"his boy Elroy"
"daughter Judy..."
"Jane, his wife..."

Yes, the Jetson's were into some good design back in '79...wonder if they had a clock this cool?
 The fact that clocks make me twitch (so much pressure) didn't deter me from digging this little block o' time alarm clock. I have no idea how the numbers show up on a block of wood (magic?) but I do like!
Don't get me wrong, built in cubbies are great- I love a hook, basket, bench etc... placed by the back door but I still also love a coat rack. Especially the dipped paint and sculptural qualities in this one.

Not so modern but this candle (also on the site) makes me feel better about myself. I also think good moms have clean floors, clean ovens and happy kids and maybe even housekeepers (or Robots named Rosie)? Who has time to clean when you have flash sale sites to stalk?!?!...-A

Check out Dot & Bo...
Happy Tuesday...
Bye, bye birdie,

Friday, September 20, 2013

Inspiration 2 hours away...

Hooper and I always talk about taking  day trips. Just a little jaunt (2 hours away max) to check out shops and things we hear about. This is great in theory but sometimes hard to execute. But... yesterday, we did it. After coordinating 2 grandmothers for pick up, a sitter that ended up with 7 kids, and an uncle to grab a certain 13 year old boy from detention (it's real life around here)...We hit the road! 

We hopped on our private jet drove to Raleigh and  checked out a few places... 

By accident we found 'The Find'. This shop is open very limited hours but lucky for us the owner had popped in and let us look around. We could have filled a truck with her eclectic, vintage scores. Gold dragons anyone?
Our next stop was the coolest "shop" ever... Can you guess where it is???

 hello??? bamboo, lacquer, chartreuse??? yes, please!

 Did you figure it out?... a garage! Yup! How smart is that? This savvy shopper styles her finds in her garage and opens once a week to her loyal followers and friends. Reminded us of our barn sale and got us thinking we might need to have another one soon.
These finials could dress up any lamp-  the top ones scream Hooper, while I'd opt for the stones...

This piece came home with me... swoon... I might sell it, but for now, it is so happy next to my sofa. However, I could be convinced otherwise. Anyone have to have it???

If you live in the Raleigh area and are interested in shopping in the coolest garage ever, contact us and we will give you all the details. We are definitely inspired to try our hand at another barn sale... What do you think, should we give it a go?? 

Have a great weekend...
Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dining Room Divine

Today, we are guest blogging at House of Turquoise-- 
come on over and visit us! If you are popping over from H.O.T- welcome! We are glad to have you! 

When we found out a client's home in Athens, Georgia had a formal dining room, the plans starting evolving. Where to start? how many to seat? colors? These are questions every client asks when planning a room but most clients don't entertain as much as this one (at least, we don't). She asked to seat 12 comfortably. The room is certainly big enough to hold it, but where does one find a table that large?
You make one, silly. We called our friends at R.Mended Metals in Wilmington, NC and sketched a large fretwork style table to complement chairs that the client found at a London auction years ago. 
The chairs were a little shabby, but the lines were killer -- so are the lines for the table. 
We wanted the art to stand alone so the walls are painted white for a gallery effect. 
Each end is flanked with gray linen wing backs large enough for 2. The table width was made to accommodate these chairs. When you mix custom pieces with bargain finds, it makes it not only affordable, but adds a layered element. 

 The existing built-ins were styled by Ann and filled with china, crystal and other dinner party go-to items. 
This existing bar works as storage and a serving area for large dinners. She had a lot of antique pieces she wanted to incorporate. I love mixing the old pieces with the modern lines of the table and chandelier. It's a nice juxtaposition. 
The bell of the ball is the large turquoise chandelier from Currey and Company. It brightens up the space by adding lots of drama and a punch of color against the white walls. 

Don't forget to visit us today at House of Turquoise.

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 bye bye birdie... 

photography: Corynne Pless

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wedding Bliss and Surprise

 Remember my sweet cousin and his beautiful bride? These newlyweds have been busy renovating and decorating their new home and I hear it's really great.  
Several months ago, when we decorated a home for the Parade of Homes, the bride fell in love with the side tables we sold in this turquoise master retreat. While I was happy they went to a good home, I couldn't help but think they would have made the perfect wedding gift. Ann and I kept an eye peeled and she found these at a local shop.

We revamped them and with gold dipped legs, they mimic the set Anna had her heart set on. 

We styled them differently to give the newlyweds some ideas on how to integrate their new tables into their home. Check out our two VERY different perspectives... 

Guess who styled this one? 
 A couple of glammy elements...hmmmm.
 Added in some organic elements too -- but no organic is complete without lucite. 
Hmmm... this styling is a bit different... who could it be?
On a hide and an antler?? Ann tried to throw you with the bowl of jewels. However, she does tend to be practical at times and a pretty bowl to toss a few accessories is a great form meets function solution.

We are so happy with how they turned out and wanted to present Anna and Wilson with their new bedside tables. We hope you love them! They are fun and funky and the perfect addition to your new home! 
bye bye birdie and best wishes to the happy couple!

wedding photography credit: Cyn Kain

Monday, September 16, 2013

Beach Before and After

This is where I had my morning coffee. What a great happy place to spend a morning. Hard to believe that a couple of years ago... 
It looked like this... 
I spent the morning with client of mine  -- a blast from the past. A couple of years back, she and her husband moved into a house on the canal in Carolina Beach. He is a fisherman and loves having his boat in their back yard. Thankfully, she could look past the state of the home and had a vision of her own. We knew that once we ripped up the green (sculptured) carpet and painted the dark cabinetry, added new flooring, windows and paint, this cottage was a diamond in the rough. It turned out beautifully! 
Check out the BEFORE... 
The laminate flooring mixed with sculptured green carpet was quite a look and allowed for the upholstered rolling bar stools to move easily. HAD. TO. GO.
Please take note of the laminate flooring surrounding the tiered island. It allows for the upholstered "bar chairs" to roll around? 
It's amazing what taking out some wall-to-wall kelly green carpet will do.  

This is the sun porch. Yes, the carpet is mauve. I was actually sad to see the vented windows go, and we tried to keep them, but in the end, new windows made all of the difference. 
 Big Mike likes to sit on his porch and watch the boats go by while he watches TV. He now has a bright comfy spot and upgraded seating. 

The client selected the furniture to mesh with what they had in their former home and to fit their lifestyle. It has a relaxed coastal look. 
 The former master, however, had a 1980's look. It just needed some updating.... the client wanted coastal and relaxed and she had a clear vision with what look she wanted. I helped her with the bones and she ran with it. 

         We love a good before and after... 
bye bye birdie...
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