Monday, September 16, 2013

Beach Before and After

This is where I had my morning coffee. What a great happy place to spend a morning. Hard to believe that a couple of years ago... 
It looked like this... 
I spent the morning with client of mine  -- a blast from the past. A couple of years back, she and her husband moved into a house on the canal in Carolina Beach. He is a fisherman and loves having his boat in their back yard. Thankfully, she could look past the state of the home and had a vision of her own. We knew that once we ripped up the green (sculptured) carpet and painted the dark cabinetry, added new flooring, windows and paint, this cottage was a diamond in the rough. It turned out beautifully! 
Check out the BEFORE... 
The laminate flooring mixed with sculptured green carpet was quite a look and allowed for the upholstered rolling bar stools to move easily. HAD. TO. GO.
Please take note of the laminate flooring surrounding the tiered island. It allows for the upholstered "bar chairs" to roll around? 
It's amazing what taking out some wall-to-wall kelly green carpet will do.  

This is the sun porch. Yes, the carpet is mauve. I was actually sad to see the vented windows go, and we tried to keep them, but in the end, new windows made all of the difference. 
 Big Mike likes to sit on his porch and watch the boats go by while he watches TV. He now has a bright comfy spot and upgraded seating. 

The client selected the furniture to mesh with what they had in their former home and to fit their lifestyle. It has a relaxed coastal look. 
 The former master, however, had a 1980's look. It just needed some updating.... the client wanted coastal and relaxed and she had a clear vision with what look she wanted. I helped her with the bones and she ran with it. 

         We love a good before and after... 
bye bye birdie...

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