Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CraigsList Round Up

When I think about the luck we've had on CraigsList, I get a little teary. Seriously, Craig has been THAT good to us. Yes, we have to search it daily and readers often ask if we have a strategy. Here's how I roll:

1. Put kids to bed
2. Have a glass of wine (or tea), but most likely wine
3. Pretend I am billing clients (because Read gets annoyed when I surf the internet during our time together. If I'm sending out bills, he's happy).
4. Hit CraigsList in Wilmington, Raleigh and Myrtle Beach (because I am willing to travel). 

To save you from too much to drink or the glare of your hubby, here are this week's finds. Yes, CURRENT, AFFORDABLE listings. 

Email us or comment for more info. 
 Remember when I found a gorgeous Chinoiserie mirror on CraigsList? Swoon. 
Most of the rattan sets I have seen need work. These look perfect! 
I'm racking my brain as to what client would be lucky enough to have this set. Imagine it painted in a fun color or bright white with a cool fabric on the seats. Yum. Client (whoever you are, if you think you need this LET ME KNOW). 
I love this and think it would be so pretty in a space I am working on. Hoping she sees this and feels the same way. It has similar lines to antelope table bases that are all over 1st Dibs.
I seriously want this. It's $125, which means I could most likely get them down. 
These are $45 for the set. Practically free, if you ask me. They need a little (ok a lot of work), but nothing you DIY'ers are afraid of. 
I think I would pair this with a cream linen shade and paint the base black. At any rate, it's a foo dog lamp and it's a steal! 
This would be so pretty next to a sofa -- perfect for a book or drink. Perhaps the wine I will be drinking while I am searching CraigsList?
I adore this piece. It has glass shelves and would make a perfect spot for displaying your treasures.

Hope you are making it during this short week. 
Back to work/school/CraigsList...
bye bye birdie... 


Anonymous said...

You just described my night to a T. I wish I lived close to all those great finds!

buy oil painting said...

nice frame in the first pic!

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