Monday, September 2, 2013

Highlight of my weekend and a winner!

Happy Labor Day! You have all heard me talk about how special my Mimi is to me. She told me at the beginning of the summer that her goal was to go on the boat one last time. We are hoping this is the first time of many boat rides for her, but she is quite frail and is afraid she may not make many more adventurous memories. We have other plans for her and pray she is her with us for many summers to come. 
She was nervous, but (because she promised her granddaughter), let Read carry her down the boat. 
We took some of her 11 great grandchildren along for the ride. She kept telling me how much she had missed the feeling of being on a boat. She told the children about her favorite crabbing spots and how much she used to love to catch stone crabs and cook them for dinner. It was trip down memory lane for her and a glimpse into my childhood for me. The Mimi I remember (and always will) was vibrant, fun and loved spending every lazy summer day at the beach shelling with me and her other grandchildren in tow. 
While I miss those days, I am so thankful for every day that I have with her. Here's to many more summers! 

And now, drum roll please.... the winner of the Thomas Paul plates from Erie Drive is...

Cindy Krem! Thank you Cindy for following us and subscribing to our blog. We will contact you to get your address and send them to you. Enjoy your Labor Day!
bye birdie...


Unknown said...

You and your Mimi are just so adorable and cute! Having her in your life is like a blessing and yes it should be cherished all the time.

PS I love the photo where she is being carried to the boat. Hehehehehe
Love & hugs
Jessica x

bluehydrangea said...

Too cute!!!

dervla @ the curator said...

that is so wonderful ... special memories

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