Monday, September 30, 2013

Living in a Tent

Yesterday, I built a tent. Not a camp-out kind of tent (I don't camp), but a real, cover everything tent -- complete with thumb tacks and clothes pins. The twins begged me to build a tent "better than Daddy's". Not to be outdone by Read, I decided to tent the whole room. It was worth the (teeny tiny) pin holes in the wall just to see the look on Read's face when he got home. 

"Look what Mommy built for us". Oh yeah. Mommy can build. The highlight of my life  moment was when Flanner said: I'm so glad you're my mommy. 
It got me thinking. I need to do a tented room. Less thumb tacks -- more Miles Redd.
 I want to know how the pulled this off. Seriously? A girl that looks like she's 10 in a smocked dress. Do tell.... 
 Miles, oh Miles. I would never leave. 
 While a little "cirque", I do love it. Look how glamourous she looks in her tented bath. Granted, these are just painted to trick the eye, but inspiring none the less. 
There isn't one thing I would change (except maybe the fern). Check out the Koi table -- remember when we had one... I digress. Have you ever dreamed of living in a tent? 
bye bye birdie....


tarheel said...

where's your tent?! love these pictures.

kerrie said...

Awww I've had that pink tent pic in my "down the road" binder as inspiration for my closet for the past year. I so want to pull that off. Also, that girl was bribed with a new neon Justic outfit in exchange for the smocked photo shoot.

kerrie said...


pheobe22 said...

That’s a nice site you people are carrying out there.

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