Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Little Birdie told me... the latest news

Lots going on 'round here. I bartered with my fab client to get her tile leftovers. I didn't have a backsplash because we couldn't afford it after our bathroom renovation.  Here's a tip, use left over tile or search places like Habitat or CraigsList for deals on leftovers. I lucked out because my client's bathroom renovation just wrapped and there was marble/glass tile left. Lucky me. 
 I used a gray grout (had some left over from my kitchen -- see below). because I didn't want to copy hers. It looks a little edgy with my barn wood top. 
 In other news, yesterday was like Christmas. When I got home, this beautiful candle was on my front porch from Sandra Espinet. She liked our book review/blog post so we got a beautiful gift. Wow. Love a candle and how thoughtful!
 These were also on my porch. No joke. I thought I was dreaming. First I thought they were from Read. Must have been dreaming and on crack. Then I read the card. They were from HomeGoods. Seriously. They sent me the sweetest note about how much they appreciate my participation in the Happy by Design Pinterest Program.  How sweet is that!! Thank you! Thank you! 
In other news...
Ann and I have been moving our KILLER finds into the Coop this week and setting up for our first big event/sale. Stay tuned for more info, but mark your calendars for the first weekend in December. 
                             bye bye birdie...
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Star Struck...

Below is a pic we posted on FB while at Market (y'all really liked it) ...but,  to clear up any misunderstandings: That is not Bill Murray, we were not in New York, and we are not launching an HGTV show or working on a project with the designing duo below. (Though just between you and me , we would be so fun to work with! Southern classic meets urban edge). They are Bob and Courtney Novogratz

This is how it all went down... Hooper and I arrived at market and before we had even set foot in the first building, Hooper spotted the Novogratz crossing the street. As they were coming our way Hooper tells me I have to ask them for a picture. Yeah, ok I say. I mean I'm not real stalkerish and usually pretty cool about these things but as they approach all that comes out of my mouth is a really quiet, flat "Hi". Bob replies Hello and they start to blaze past us. While I am completely planted in my spot unable to speak, Hooper jumps into action and ask for a picture. "Of course" they say and proceed to introduce themselves and shake our hands. Next thing I know they are arranging themselves around me (because I still haven't moved) for the pic. They grab our phones and hand them to the guy they are with to use. I mutter... "Is that your bodyguard?" Seriously? I finally speak and that is what I ask? "No" Courtney replies, "he is our agent." ah-ha that makes more sense considering he is probably 5'10" and Bob towers over him. Meanwhile, Hooper has not stopped talking and she is telling them about our 7 kids. (she is trying to relate since they have 7 kids) What? Now we are a blended family of 9? We sound a little more like life partners and a little less like business partners. She is telling them about our blog, our lives, our dogs, really everything. After several pics we said our goodbyes and it was all over... for them.

Of all the HGTV peeps, they are at the top of both of our list as far as who we would like to meet. They are beyond cool and have been designing together for 20 years. If you don't watch Home by Novogratz on HGTV, you should.

 see??? cool, right? And count them, these are their 7 kids! (Just like Hooper and me!) 

They are artsy, edgy and so good at using that one over sized wow element in a room. Sometimes artsy can translate as fun to look at but not that great to live in however, their design style is edgy and livable. Amazing what having a big family will teach ya!

One of their greatest projects is their own home..
 this is quite obviously before and....
 swoon.... after.... excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor. Don't you LOVE????
I love the family room... Yes that is a glass garage door that opens to the outdoor terrace. I am sure you have seen these images before but I still love them, don't you?

So anyway that was one of the highlights of market for both of us. And I forgot to mention, we ran into them on my birthday!! It made turning 29 for the 11th time not so bad! 

I am sure meeting us was a highlight for Bob and Courtney as well. Though they forgot to hand their phones to their bodyguard agent for pictures of us I am sure they meant to! 

How about you? Who would you love to meet from the design world?
Been star struck lately?

Happy Monday...
Bye, bye Birdie,
credit to: Google images of the Novogratz home

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're back...

As many of your know, Ann and I have been at the furniture market all week shopping for clients and for our little "Coop". This trailer was loaded up with killer finds and we made it home last night. To clarify, our "Coop" is going to be open on occasion to you, our readers, clients and friends when we have fun stuff to pass along to you. For those of you that have asked if we are opening a store -- we are not. It will be open for events (girls' night in, holiday shopping, Birds of a Feather get togethers and by appointment). It will be our studio, storage and a place where we can shop for our clients. The more stuff we find, the more sales we can have. So on that front, stay tuned.... 
We had a blast hunting for clients at the market.
 This Design Legacy ottoman was the jumping off point for an entire living room. The rest of the room evolved. 
 I loved the color of this Worlds-Away piece so I'm adding some emerald to the room. 
 We loved the lucite pieces, but the prices were too steep. Swoon. 
This guy may just make it into one of our sales. 
While High Point Furniture Market was a BIG success, we were thankful that our hubbys kept the kids UNTIL we got home. This morning at the cross walk, the twins teacher stopped me to say how thankful she was that I was home. 
Wow. That's so sweet. How did she know I was gone? Hmmm, I say. How were the twins while I was away. She politely says that they failed their spelling test, didn't turn in any homework and brought candy everyday for their lunch. WHAT???? Who was keeping my children? My ten year old? 
Ann's kids ate doughnuts for dinner one night and her seven year old went to school in her thirteen-year-old's clothes. Perhaps next market, we will invest in a sitter, chef and tutor. Husbands. Sigh.
bye bye birdie...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To Market

To market, to market to buy a ______. You name it. We are on the hunt. Headed to market to buy everything you can think of for clients... from sofas, to lamps, rugs, right down to the pillows and accents. Speaking of accents, we are also on the hunt for great accessories for our pop-up-shop, 
The Coop. We can't wait to share some of our great finds and fill up the space so you can SHOP. In the meantime, stay tuned -- we will have lots of great buys to share. We plan to stop in and check out some of our faves....
Global Views
Design Legacy
Jonathan Adler. Swoon.
We can't wait to share this market with you. Cannot. Wait. 
bye bye birdie...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Vintage Glam: Before and After!

Remember the bathroom renovation in my grandmother's childhood home? You may recall that it looked pretty bad. Check out the before and after! 
   No changes had been made in decades to the original bathroom. My client wanted a sophisticated bathroom that would do double duty for her daughter and guests.
We went with a lilac and gray palate and warmed it up with polished nickel, mercury glass and dark brass accents. 
I fell in love with the glass flower sconces because they added a whimsical touch and I knew my client's daughter would flip over them. I wanted to keep it simple and elegant, while tying in old-fashioned elements from the rest of this stunning tudor. 
Carrara marble tops and the marble and glass back splash mimic quatrafoil designs in other areas of the house. See here.
The Kohler "pin stripe" faucet adds a vintage touch. 
Visual comfort lighting brightens the lilac ceiling and plays off the design of the tile. 
We found this mirror at an antique shop in Raleigh and opted not to touch it. I love the shape and how it fits perfectly in the space. 

Prestige Kitchen and Bath created these beautiful cabinets in a soft gray. The penny round floor tiles and gray grout give it a vintage vibe.  
Believe it or not, the mercury glass melon knobs were a Homegoods find! 

I wanted to frame the herringbone shower wall so I opted for this custom valance and shower curtain panels. 
After quite the renovation, I know this teenager is enjoying her new bathroom. Now onto the guest bedroom...
bye bye birdie...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"O" my.... and an announcement!

Sometimes Hooper and I have to self-proclaim how smart we are. We thought we were downright genius when we decided to open a pop-up shop in a local warehouse. We even came up with a clever name...
"The Coop"
(cute... right?) This is where the demise of our intellect began. While shopping for the shop we came across some old movie marquee letters complete with the frosted glass background they were originally on. We quickly found the letters we needed and bought it all...

Isn't it great? Now, do you notice the problem... Well we didn't but when I was showing my EIGHT YEAR OLD a picture of the sign on my phone her only response was "I like it but why did you misspell it?"  WHAT?!?! EXCUSE ME ?!?! You mean it's spelled like poop, not soup? Oh dear...

I quickly emailed Hooper the Merriam Webster definition of the correctly spelled "Coop" and her response was very simple...
"We are so stupid". While I agreed in the moment, with further research Hooper discovered the definition of the word COUP. It means "government overthrow" or "stroke of genius" -- Haha.. well there you have it, we came full circle and are once again really quite brilliant. (we just can't spell) 
So no worries, the other "O" came in the mail yesterday and we are back on track! Spelled correctly, it means:

: a cage or small building in which chickens are kept. 

Perfect for two little birds and their GENIUS ideas. 
And, stay tuned...
We plan to use this space as a studio/warehouse and open it up to readers and friends for SHOPPING! We are going to fill it up with finds -- tweaked, painted and reupholstered Birds of a Feather style. We may just be two birds that have flown over the cuckoo's nest...but we are going to give it a shot. 

We will have an opening date at the COOP and par-tay to tell you about soon!

Happy Wednesday!
Bye, bye birdie,

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fab Fall Finds

Affordable Fab Fall Finds... bringing them to you so you can run right out and getcha some....
Jonathan Adler stackable trays -- in an array of colors. $29.99. Pretty in an entry for keys or on a bedside table for jewelry. 

Fretwork drapery panels: Threshold for Target, $29.99 also in a variety of colors. They are so affordable -- use as a shower curtain or on windows. 
West Elm Agate boxes $49-$79 - beautiful on a coffee table too!
World Market, Trophy Vase - and it's etched! $14.99 in stores. Fill with flowers or a pillar candle. 
Light up any space with this Wood Bead Chandelier from World Market, $199. 
Brass antelope bookends: Etsy, $79.
Vintage barware, $55 Etsy - just in time for holiday parties!
This Threshold tray for Target is $29.99 and would add the perfect pop to any surface. 
Happy Monday!
bye bye birdie...

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