Monday, October 28, 2013

Star Struck...

Below is a pic we posted on FB while at Market (y'all really liked it) ...but,  to clear up any misunderstandings: That is not Bill Murray, we were not in New York, and we are not launching an HGTV show or working on a project with the designing duo below. (Though just between you and me , we would be so fun to work with! Southern classic meets urban edge). They are Bob and Courtney Novogratz

This is how it all went down... Hooper and I arrived at market and before we had even set foot in the first building, Hooper spotted the Novogratz crossing the street. As they were coming our way Hooper tells me I have to ask them for a picture. Yeah, ok I say. I mean I'm not real stalkerish and usually pretty cool about these things but as they approach all that comes out of my mouth is a really quiet, flat "Hi". Bob replies Hello and they start to blaze past us. While I am completely planted in my spot unable to speak, Hooper jumps into action and ask for a picture. "Of course" they say and proceed to introduce themselves and shake our hands. Next thing I know they are arranging themselves around me (because I still haven't moved) for the pic. They grab our phones and hand them to the guy they are with to use. I mutter... "Is that your bodyguard?" Seriously? I finally speak and that is what I ask? "No" Courtney replies, "he is our agent." ah-ha that makes more sense considering he is probably 5'10" and Bob towers over him. Meanwhile, Hooper has not stopped talking and she is telling them about our 7 kids. (she is trying to relate since they have 7 kids) What? Now we are a blended family of 9? We sound a little more like life partners and a little less like business partners. She is telling them about our blog, our lives, our dogs, really everything. After several pics we said our goodbyes and it was all over... for them.

Of all the HGTV peeps, they are at the top of both of our list as far as who we would like to meet. They are beyond cool and have been designing together for 20 years. If you don't watch Home by Novogratz on HGTV, you should.

 see??? cool, right? And count them, these are their 7 kids! (Just like Hooper and me!) 

They are artsy, edgy and so good at using that one over sized wow element in a room. Sometimes artsy can translate as fun to look at but not that great to live in however, their design style is edgy and livable. Amazing what having a big family will teach ya!

One of their greatest projects is their own home..
 this is quite obviously before and....
 swoon.... after.... excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor. Don't you LOVE????
I love the family room... Yes that is a glass garage door that opens to the outdoor terrace. I am sure you have seen these images before but I still love them, don't you?

So anyway that was one of the highlights of market for both of us. And I forgot to mention, we ran into them on my birthday!! It made turning 29 for the 11th time not so bad! 

I am sure meeting us was a highlight for Bob and Courtney as well. Though they forgot to hand their phones to their bodyguard agent for pictures of us I am sure they meant to! 

How about you? Who would you love to meet from the design world?
Been star struck lately?

Happy Monday...
Bye, bye Birdie,
credit to: Google images of the Novogratz home


June Pope said...

I would probably be struck dumb if I saw Sarah Richardson. Love her and her designs but you don't see her on HGTV much anymore. :(

bluehydrangea said...

OMG so jealous!! Did they ask about me? I guess not since we have never met but I think of them as my friends. My very cool, famous friends that I know from TV and books only.

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